List of commonly used medical supplies

3 team drug measurement

Personal medicine:

Banlangen granule 1 week dose

Band-Aid 10

Vitamin 1 weekly dose

Public drugs:

Internal medicine

Cold medicine------------- Baifu Ning 50 2 tablets X3 person X7 days

Anti-inflammatory drugs --------- Amoxicillin 40 1 day volume X2 person X3 days

Gastrointestinal medicine --------- berberine 40 1 day amount X2 person X3 days

Antiallergic Drugs ------- chlorpheniramine 10 2 tablets X 2 people X 2 days

Digestive Medicine --------- Ding Lin 10 2 tablets X2 person X3 days

Oral Pills ---------Watermelon Cream 100 5 X3 X6 Days

Eye drops ---- erythromycin 1

Trauma Emergency ------- Yunnan Baiyao 1

Alpine Disease --------- Furosemide 10 2 X2 People X2 Days

Aspirin 30 1 X 3 person X 10 days

Inosine 60 2 tablets X 3 person X 10 days

First aid ----------- dexamethasone 1 2mg

Traumatic drugs and instruments

Iodine 1

Alcohol 1

(or iodine fluoride spray) 1

Gauze 2

Tape 2

Trauma Litter 1

Futa Lin 1

Injury cream 10

Scalpel 1

Scorpion 1

Thermometer 1

Stethoscope 1

Cotton swab

Added: Cheng Er

1. The chemical composition of aspirin and Baifuning are basically similar, and the pharmacological effects are the same. Currently, Baifening has stopped selling in the Chinese market. So just take aspirin on it.

2. The antibacterial spectrum of amoxicillin as synthetic synthetic semi-synthetic penicillin is not wide, and there has been an increase in resistant bacteria in the past 10 years. People who are allergic to penicillin cannot eat it at the same time. It is recommended that you change to 250mg bid Po of Si Lixin.

3, should bring hemostatic drugs, such as hemostasis. Yunnanbaiyao has a slow onset of action.

4, Chlorpheniramine has significant side effects of lethargy if it is to drive or activity in the mountains can not be applied. Can be used to open Ruitan.

5, there is a snake medicine.

6, elastic tourniquet, which is the most useful rescue.

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