China Mountaineering Association

The China Mountaineering Association is the only national organization that organizes, manages, and promotes mountaineering in the People's Republic of China. Since its founding in 1958, it has organized dozens of high-altitude adventure activities at home and abroad. In 1960, Mount Everest was first launched from the north slope. In nineteen ninety-nine athletes collectively climbed Mount Everest again. In 1988, the Chinese, Japanese, and Nepalese united mountaineering team achieved a summit at the Summit of the Mount Everest and a north-south, north-south, south-north-span crossing. In 1993, the two sides of the Taiwan Strait jointly climbed Mount Everest successfully. In 1998, the Sino-Spanish Joint Team climbed on the "Earth of the Earth" once again, and succeeded in the first assassination of Gongga Mountain, Muztagag, the Goguerg Nine Peak, and Xishabangma. Peaks, Mount Tomur, Namunani Peak, and Namga Bawa Peak are all major events in the world’s world-renowned mountaineering.

In recent years, the China Mountaineering Association has begun to vigorously develop mountaineering-related sports such as climbing and ice climbing, outdoor sports, outreach sports, and bungee jumping. It has held several international and national competitions to promote the development of China’s mountaineering and promote national fitness. The implementation of the plan and the promotion of exchanges in international mountaineering circles have all played a positive role.

The China Mountaineering Association attaches great importance to the development of mass mountaineering. Under the leadership of the State General Administration of Sports, with the cooperation of various local departments, it has successively launched the "New Year's Day Badaling Great Wall Activity" (has been held for seven consecutive years), and "Taishan International Mountaineering Festival." "More than 15 consecutive sessions", "Moganshan Mountaineering Festival" (has been held for four consecutive years), "Healthy elderly climbing activities" and other influential activities at home and abroad.

The previous chairman and honorary chairman of China Mountaineering Association:

Honorary Chairman of China Mountaineering Association:
The first Yang Dezhi from 1984 to 1996, the second term of Zhang Wannian since 1996

Chairman of the China Mountaineering Association: The first term of office of Li Shubin from 1958 to 1960 Second Han Fudong 1961-1966 The third term of office Qiao Jiaqin 1972-1986 The fourth Shi Zhanchun 1986-1992 The fifth was Wang Fuzhou 1992- The 6th Minister of the Year in 1996 1996 - Present

China Mountaineering Association's current sports program:
1. Mountaineering: Climbing adventure at an altitude of over 3,500 meters.
2, mountaineering sports related activities: derived from mountaineering, or sports associated with mountain climbing.

(1) climbing of various natural and artificial rock walls and ice walls;
(2) related outdoor sports, including mountain hiking, canyoning, wilderness survival, and cave exploration;
(3) The bungee movement, the expansion of sports, the masses mountaineering;
(4) Various competitions and activities related to mountaineering organized by the association and its members.

China Mountaineering Association Agency:
Offices, Communication Department, Rock climbing and ice climbing department, Outdoor Sports Department, Mountaineering Team, Business Development Department, Information Department, "Mountain" Magazine, Huairou Training Base

Some major events planned for 2002:

1. The 7th Badaling Great Wall International Mountaineering Event 2. The National Ice Climbing Championship 3. The National Climbing Invitational 4. The National Climbing Competition 5. The National Rock Climbing Classic 6. The Chinese Sports Lottery National Healthy Elderly Climbing Activities 7. The First International Mountain Limit Extreme Competition and 2nd China National Anshan Zhuji Anji National Mountain Road Race 8, National Wild Survival Skills Competition 9, National University Outreach Training Competition 10, 3rd Yuzhu Peak Mountaineering Conference 11, 7th National National Fitness Dengtai Mountain Competition 12. National Outdoor Sports Classic 13. The 5th Moganshan International Mountaineering and Tourism Festival

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