Stay away from "poisons"

When traveling in the wild, especially in the jungles of the mountains and looking for food, be very careful. Because not only wild animals hurt people, plants can also hurt people. Even some plants touch can cause harm. In addition, some bacteria can cause poisoning after eating. In severe cases, it will lead to death. This is not an alarmist. Here are some poisonous plants. Please treat it carefully in the wild.

Touch the harmful plants

Some plants, once in contact with it, can be severely irritated and cause a rash. Rinse the irritated area immediately with water.

Poison tree 2-6 meters high, trunk hairless. Odd compound leaf, ovate ovate opposite, black glands on the back, clusters of white berries.

Toads are similar to poison ivy, but the tree is smaller and straightforward. Leaflets ovate, three, palmately compound, white berries.

Poison Ivy The tree is smaller and the stem is twisted or straight. Trifoliate leaves, leaf-shaped, green flowers, white berries

Gem grass often associated with poison ivy. The petal is yellowish with a slight orange-red spot, and a pungent sap is emitted when the species bursts.

Edible Poisonous Plants

Some plants can cause physical discomfort after eating, and severe cases can kill people. Therefore, we must pay attention to the identification of food plants in the wild.

In addition to some toxic fungi, there are many other edible toxic digestive plants, such as the roots, skins, leaves, some wild fruits, wild vegetables, and flowers of some trees.

Deadgrass is about 30-60 cm tall, with growing bar-shaped leaves at base. The top of the flower stem is green and white and six petals. Fatal error: mistake it for wild lily or wild onion!

The poisonous celery and water poison celery are widely distributed and belong to the Umbelliferae family. There are many types of plants with umbels, and they are densely clustered with many small flowers and it is difficult to distinguish them.

Poisonous celery up to 2 meters, stems more branches, hollow stems, purple spots outside. The complex pinnate compound leaves opposite, compound parachute inflorescences, florets white, and roots white. Distributed in Arakawa's wild grass. Unpleasant smell, very toxic.

The average height of the water poisonous celery is 0.6-1.3 meters. It has many branches, purple stripes on the stems, dense roots, odd-numbered compound leaves, double dentate lobule of the leaflets, inflorescence of the complex sheds, and clusters of white flowers. Always on the water's edge. The smell is unpleasant and toxic.

Umbelliferae also include a large number of edible species, but if it is not absolutely sure that it is non-toxic, do not risk taking it. Even a small amount of the toxic species can have serious consequences.

The species Ranunculus is widely distributed, with plant heights ranging from a few centimeters to 1 metre, both from the south to the north. Even the Arctic Circle has rancid plants to survive. They are all bright yellow, with five or more petals.

Castor Tree
Tropical areas are widely distributed, often depending on water, small trees, wide fusiform blades with bristles, flowering branches - much like cultivated species of castor. The bristles that stimulate the skin are also similar to ramie, but they are more toxic. Seed toxicity is also very strong. So don't touch the stinging hair.

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