French invention bubble anti-counterfeiting plastic label

A plastics equipment company headquartered in Montauban, France, invented a bubble-proof anti-counterfeit plastic label that could not be counterfeited and could be used in the packaging of watches, CDs, electronic products, textiles, and valuable foods.
This bubble anti-counterfeiting plastic label is a plastic disc with a diameter of 1-10 mm. During production, various air bubble patterns are randomly formed during cooling of the plastic wafers. The bubble pattern in the two plastic wafers, the same probability is very small, usually only 10 times 40 times.
Since the bubble pattern and serial number of each anti-counterfeit plastic label are recorded in the company's database, when customers purchase goods, they only need to check whether the bubble pattern in the plastic label of the product matches the bubble pattern recorded in the database. Identify true and false and avoid being deceived.
In addition, this bubble security label can also be used on passports and banknotes.
The company's Frank Brilley pointed out that although this security label is safe, it must be built on the security of the database.

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