Technical ice climbing level

Refer to Mountaineering Bible.
Grade1: flat ice;
Grade2: Short ice slopes (steps) of more than 80 degrees, the overall gentle, 50-60 degrees. Make sure that the point is a tight distance;
Grade 3: The overall ice slope reaches 80 degrees, but there are small steps to stand. Make sure the point is relatively stable;
Grade4: Part of the ice wall is vertical. The route is relatively complex, with thin ice or rocky areas;
Grade 5: The pitch is long and steep and there is almost no place for comfort. Setting up secure points requires higher skills;
Grade6: The entire pitch is completely vertical. Set up to ensure the difficulty;
Grade7: Vertical thin ice or ice igloo. The ice is not strong. Make sure the point is not reliable (Ice protection is basically not available);
Grade8: The most difficult ice climbing route.

Some of Beijing's route difficulty assessments: (personal views, welcome criticism)
1. Yunmengxia small ice wall: 2 levels. The course is short, the slope is <= 60 degrees, and the ice surface is thick and solid in normal years. Ensure stability and reliability. Suitable for beginners to practice;
2. Yunmengxia large ice wall: According to the amount of water and climate, the difficulty is between 3+ and 5 -. The route is long and the slope is > 80 degrees. The ice-thickness of the year is protected and there are some rock protection points available. Suitable for experienced ice climbers;
3. Fan Xian Waterfall Ice Wall (the outermost side of Tian Xian Waterfall Scenic Spot): Level 2. The route is long. Frosty year protection is reliable. However, the ice wall is sunny, the stabilization time is short, and the warm weather is potentially dangerous;
4. Taoyuan Xiangu Ice Wall: artificial pouring. 2+ to 3+. Ice thickness protection is reliable. Suitable for beginners to practice;
5. Tiger ice wall: artificial pouring. 2+ to 3-. Ice thickness protection is reliable. Suitable for beginners to practice.

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