Application of gold, silver, black, white and gray in packaging design

In modern society, people are dealing with commodities almost every moment. Pursuit of fashion and resumption of consumption has become a culture. It includes all aspects of clothing, food, use, behavior, play, and reward of human life. It embodies people’s right. The pursuit of a high quality of life is growing stronger. When we step into shopping malls and supermarkets, various kinds of products are displayed in front of us with beautiful shapes and vivid colors. Under the backdrop of colorful colors, we are eager to have a dialogue and exchange with us. We have no time to look at them. When you enjoy products with unique shapes and wonderful colors, you are more attracted to those packagings with strong colors. This is the role of color, because the color has a strong sense of visual connotation and expression on modern commodity packaging.

Through long-term life experiences, people have intentionally or unintentionally formed the ability to judge and feel objects based on colors. Different colors give people different visual psychological feelings. It will not only enhance consumer's aesthetic pleasure, but also stimulate consumer's judgment and purchase self-confidence, enrich their imagination, and also cultivate the customer's mind. It truly makes us feel the value and strength of packaging design color.

As we all know, people's attention depends on the role of light, observing the beginning and color of the target object, and understanding the objective existence. If there is no light, people's visual activity will disappear, of course, it does not matter color. Different objects absorb light and reflect light differently. Therefore, different colors are produced. In all objects, black objects can absorb seven colors, while white objects reflect all seven colors. For this reason, black and white lose their color appearance compared with other colors and form their own unique achromatic attributes.

This article talks about color from the point of view of packaging design. It is not a discussion about the so-called physics knowledge of optics, electromagnetic waves, and wavelengths, but it focuses on the hue, brightness, purity, color psychology, etc. of the colors based on the theory of design chromatics. Study of issues. In the sea of ​​commodities, packaging design constantly changes its techniques, forms of innovation, and personality characteristics, with particular emphasis on the attributes of color and the use of color. The attributes of color are not static, and the changes among these elements provide ample space for the comparison of design colors and the application of harmony.

In many of the packaging design of goods, all of them are able to attract the attention of consumers with the utmost speed, eye-catching and pleasing. Rich colors convey a variety of different tastes, showing different quality styles and decorative charm. Pursuing the design language is purely the designer's pursuit. They use a more rational and unique perspective to strive to get rid of the noisy, complicated, colorful and colorful techniques in the popular design. Actively seek the rationality and simplicity of color design. For example, Japanese designer Fujita Takashi's "Japanese gin" makes full use of the achromatic attributes. Through the arrangement of gold characters on the transparent body container, under the influence of light and shadow, it reflects the extraordinaryness of the design. The high concentration and generalization of design language has pushed the design to the extreme, as if it were one of the brightest pearls in many commodities. The choice and combination of colors is very important in packaging design and is often the key to determining the pros and cons of packaging design. Pursuing the harmonization, refinement and simplicity of packaging colors,

The essence is to avoid the excessive use of color on the packaging. The colorfulness and prosperousness of the world may not be pleasing to the eye, but it may give people a slick impression and make people feel dazzled. Appropriate use of simple color language can better reflect the designer's ability to control color and maximize the potential of color. Under the influence of minimalism, to get rid of the shackles of the inherent attributes of traditional colors, and to combine the modern packaging design theory with the requirements of the attributes of commodities, packaging using achromatic, gold, silver, black, white, and gray is more effective. The eternal beauty of goods. The special nature of the achromatic system provides a stage for the packaging of many products. For example, the packaging designed by Jensen Assisi for the "Vodka South Africa" ​​has nothing to say about the shape of the container itself. The designer boldly chose the color language of the five color systems for design. The background of the bottle is black, and the surface pattern is decorated with a large area. The pattern is under the silver background, revealing a strong metal texture. A white shield-shaped label is placed in the center of the pattern to contrast with other achromatic backgrounds, and the product is more concentratedly strengthened. The characteristics of the information, the entire product looks solemn and elegant, superior quality.

The use of metallic colors in the design helps to enhance light and shadow effects, and can enrich changes in space and levels. Because gold and silver have a strong reflective ability and keen characteristics, under different angles and different light and shadow effects, showing different color effects, proper use will increase the product's brilliant, high-level and mysterious. Its sharp changes in light and shadow can reflect the gorgeous, precious, and active impression of the packaging of goods. The simple extraction and application of achromatic color help to strengthen the characteristics of the product, help improve the quality and grade of the product, and enhance the sense of the times and personality of the product.

There are color systems that have distinctive appearance attributes, and gold, silver, black, white, and gray in the achromatic system also have a certain color meaning. In fact, achromatic color has already formed its own full-color nature in people's minds and has always been accepted by people. It is called the eternal fashion color. When examining black, white, and gray alone, black symbolizes silence and silence, which means evil and ominousness. It is considered to be a negative color. White's inherent emotion is not calm or irritating. It is generally regarded as a symbol of quietness, purity, and purity. When the black and white are mixed, gray is produced, gray is neutral, and there is no independent color feature. Therefore, grey monotonous and dullness does not emphasize light and shade like black and white, but gray contains color tendency. It will give people a subtle, gentle, advanced, refined and intriguing.

Of course, many packaging designs based on achromatic color are often adorned with high-purity colors. On the one hand, they present a certain contrast effect with achromatic color, and on the other hand, they are intended to enhance the color of the subject. The interaction between the five colors and the colored ones is undoubtedly a very important means for enriching the color effect of commodity packaging.

Packaging design is based on constant trial and exploration. Pursuing the beautiful feelings of human life, color is extremely valuable. It has the most direct and important impact on our expression of thoughts, interests, and hobbies. Grasping colors, feeling design, creating good packaging, and enriching our lives are what we need in this era. The packaging of achromatic design is just like the tranquility of the noise in the world. Its elegance, simplicity, and calmness make people enjoy sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty, and aftertaste another refreshing, elegant fragrance, they are not indisputable. The attributes of the property will be eternal charm in the packaging design.

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