Handan Steel's ultra-thin IF steel successfully rolled off the assembly line

Recently, Hebei Iron and Steel Group Handan Iron and Steel New District Cold Rolling Plant successfully rolled the 0.4mm limit thin gauge gapless atomic steel DX53D + Z. After inspection, all properties have met the standard requirements, mainly used for high-end home appliances. This move signifies that Handan Steel has broken through the specification limit of the only hot-dip galvanized IF steel in the past, enriching Handan Steel's high-end product structure.

It is reported that Handan Steel's ultimate thin-gauge non-gap atomic steel DX53D + Z produced this time has a thickness of 0.4mm, a width of 1200mm, and a weight of 45 tons. It is produced in response to the needs of a household appliance company.

In the past, Handan Steel had successfully rolled hot-dip galvanized 0.4mm limit specification IF steel. The 0.4mm ultra thin gapless atomic steel DX53D + Z rolled this time is a cold galvanized product, which has strict requirements on the cleanliness of molten steel. Due to the softer steel and high annealing temperature, it is very easy to produce scoop in the furnace; rolling At times, the pressure is too large, the shape is difficult to control, and waves are prone to appear. Only a few domestic enterprises have production capacity.

In order to ensure the successful rolling of this product, the Handan Iron and Steel Technology Center worked with the manufacturing department and the new district cold rolling mill to develop a detailed production plan, various technical and technical operation points, and quality assurance measures. During production, technicians from various relevant departments track and implement dynamic process management on-site, timely adjust the tension and annealing temperature of the steel strip in the furnace, solve the problem of scooping, and ensure the successful rolling of the extremely thin IF steel DX53D + Z.

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