The bedroom space is reasonably planned. The perfect cloakroom design starts from the apartment type.

[ China Wardrobe ] Many users who have bought a wardrobe should know that the shopping guide asks about your family type. Because creating a cloakroom, you need to customize it according to the type of apartment. Different hulls will have different cloakroom designs. Here, I will introduce you to the different types of cloakroom design, hoping to help you better create a cloakroom.

â–ºSmall apartment cloakroom design

Small apartment cloakroom design

Space is small, but also a cloakroom, then this is a good reference. The space is small, the shelves are few, and they are stored according to their own needs.

Medium-sized cloakroom design

Long and narrow space can draw on such a design. The design is simple and the room for change is large. Shoes and clothes can also be stored separately.

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