Xiaobian tells you why you have acne

You probably already know that insufficient clean, then easily lead to face acne risk, but in fact the reason from the pox not just because of the lack of clean, 360 cosmetic Xiaobian today to tell you from the pox causes.

Xiaobian tells you why you have acne

Reason 1. Travel – whether it is because of the climate of the travel destination and the climate of your long-term urban climate, the pressure of travel or the change of daily skin care products because of travel (I believe many people like to travel when they travel The small and medium samples that have been accumulated in the past are all consumed and consumed, but travel is indeed one of the factors that easily lead to acne.

This type of acne is mainly caused by lack of water in the skin, so acne is generally small, and often accompanied by redness.

How to avoid: Keep your skin moisturized and try to maintain your original daily skin care products .

Reason 2. Many friends who are plagued by acne acne will try a lot of different products in an attempt to find the one that suits them best. But most dermatologists say that this tends to be counterproductive, and the consequences of a large number of trials can easily lead to clogged pores and excessive exfoliation of the skin leading to dryness.

This type of acne has no fixed form and the severity varies from person to person.

How to avoid: Try to use mild cleansing and lotion (cream) to moisturize and protect the skin - if it is effective, do not change it at will.

Cause 3. Friction acne is a type of acne, which is caused by friction, heat or prolonged exposure to the same kind of pressure (such as athletes wearing helmets, sports underwear, skinny jeans) - but for most people The mobile phone you use in your daily life may be the culprit in making you acne.

These types of acne appear mainly in the form of red sputum in a long-term stress-bearing position. For example, the president wearing a helmet is on the hairline, and the person who uses the mobile phone often grows on the chin or on the side of the cheek.

How to avoid: Regularly clean long-term contact (friction) things, such as mobile phone screens, etc. Regular cleaning can remove grease from the surface and bacteria caused by grease.

Reason 4. Diet - There is scientific data to prove that diet can cause acne - of course, this is not the old-fashioned chocolate acne that we often talk about, "Many 20 to 40-year-old patients with long hormonal acne told me that dairy products will make The situation is more serious," said New York dermatologist Gary Goldenberg.

There is no fixed position for this type of acne, but this acne is accompanied by a pustule.

How to avoid: If you encounter this kind of acne, it may be helpful to try to change to drinking organic milk.

Factors 5. Hair products - In general, hair products are also a factor that can cause you to grow acne. Closed hair oil and gel will clog the pores around your hairline, forehead, and cheeks. Also known as "Pomade Acne".

These acne are mainly found in smaller hairs along the hairline, forehead, behind the ears, and back neck.

How to avoid: Replace your hair products and consider using fragrance-free products. >>>Blood bags method reveals you to be younger

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