Dalian Furniture Exhibition: Where did the mahogany furniture go?

Yesterday, Dalian's 19th China International Furniture Series Exhibition was officially closed. During the exhibition, the participating mahogany furniture manufacturers accounted for nearly one-third of the total, and the number was the highest ever. Dalian's local mahogany furniture manufacturers participated in the exhibition for the first time, breaking the situation that the southern exhibitors such as Fujian, Zhejiang and Guangdong dominated the Dalian market.

At this exhibition, although the number of mahogany furniture manufacturers from Guangdong Zhongshan, Fujian Xianyou, Zhejiang Dongyang and other places was not much, the magnificence of mahogany furniture occupied nearly 1/3 booth, and the price of exhibits was tens of millions. the above. The most expensive group of mahogany pieces brought by a company in Zhejiang uses a variety of mahogany carving techniques such as yin carving, relief carving, enamel carving, round carving, and carving. The price is 19.8 million yuan. According to the introduction, only one of them To take a chair, it takes 10 craftsmen to work for 8 years.

The mahogany furniture enterprises in Dalian, which debuted in this exhibition, mainly promoted the full range of mahogany double beds, sofas, tables and chairs, in addition to materials, pay more attention to the practicality and craftsmanship of mahogany furniture, attracting many professional buyers.

The precious and durable mahogany furniture has been continuously increasing in price in the past two years. At present, in the Dalian market, the purchase of mahogany furniture for investment accounts for about 20% of the total consumption, and a few people buy mahogany furniture for collection. Recently, news of Vietnam’s ban on timber exports has spread, and domestic mahogany furniture prices are once again high. According to the relevant person in charge of Dalian Furniture Association, although the resources are scarce, the rising price will make the consumption group of mahogany furniture become more and more niche, and the more fierce market competition will counteract the price of mahogany furniture. “At the Dalian Furniture Fair this year, the number of mahogany furniture doubled compared with last year. For ordinary consumers, the desire to purchase mahogany furniture for investment is relatively lacking in professional knowledge in identifying their true and false and appreciation potential.

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