Fashion pioneer cloth wardrobe rental can also be clean and neat

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] cloth wardrobe is affordable and simple, easy to assemble, and takes up less space. For a small apartment with a narrow space or a renter, a corner can find a "temporary" home for the clothing in the home. And small family owners are favored.

Cloth wardrobe

Brand selection, see after sales

At present, there are many brands of hard-to-cloth wardrobes on the market, and the price of goods is rather messy. Then, if you want to buy a wardrobe that you want to buy, you should pay attention to what factors? Modern consumers choose products that pay more attention to brand credit, so you should pay attention to the screening of brand products first. The products of famous brands tend to be more reliable in terms of morality and after-sales.

Stable, easy to assemble

It is necessary to pay attention to the structural design of the cloth wardrobe, and it is important to include the structural stability of the inspection cloth wardrobe and the inconvenience of assembly. The stability of the structure makes it possible to ensure the balance when the clothes are closed. Individually, this is to assess the relevant moral character of the skeleton. Cloth wardrobes with different material skeletons, the purchase specifications are also different. The steel skeleton depends on the thickness of the steel pipe, while the wooden skeleton depends on the water content.

Most of the wardrobes that are easy to move and split to buy cloth wardrobes are like temporary renters, so the cloth wardrobe we choose must be easy to split and very convenient to move.

Determine the size according to the room

When purchasing a hard-to-cloth wardrobe, the size of the cloth wardrobe should be determined according to the actual conditions of the room and clothes. In order to ensure that the cloth wardrobe can satisfy my practical application needs.

Look at quality, degree of sealing

The seal we are talking about is more about the layer of shoes and the layer of our clothes, otherwise the taste of the shoes is easy to emit.

Cloth wardrobe installation demonstration map :

Wardrobe design

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