[Wooden wardrobe decoration] There are several kinds of wood for decorating the wardrobe. How to distinguish it?

[Chinese wardrobe network] [difficulty] The family wants to call the woodworker to customize the wardrobe , but he does not know the type of wood, and does not understand the advantages and disadvantages of wood.

[Question] I would like to ask about the wood used to decorate the wardrobe. How to distinguish it?

【Best answer】

The board is the main component of the overall wardrobe , and its quality directly determines the quality of the product. The wardrobe panels on the market mainly use wood-based panels, while the use of solid wood is rare. Wood-based panels are further divided into splints, particle boards, and fiberboard. Among them, fiberboard has high density, medium density and low density.

1. MDF: It is made of wood fiber or other plant fiber. After cooking, it is ground into fine fiber and added with proper amount of adhesive. It is pressed under a certain temperature and pressure. High density and high strength. MDF has become the main material of most wardrobe manufacturers.

2, the particle board: the common language "particle board", the wood is processed into fine particle shavings and added with appropriate amount of glue, pressed at a certain temperature and pressure. The density is not high and the strength is small.

3. Melamine board: The melamine impregnated paper is directly pressed against the particle board and the high density board. This plate is divided into two levels, E1 and E2.

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