3D printing concept and 5 working methods graphic analysis

During the 2013 Shanghai International Printing Week, 3D printing became a shining star at the exhibition. In fact, 3D printing is not new. It has appeared many years ago, but it has developed rapidly in recent years. During this exhibition, the author enjoyed a lot of exquisite printed works, from ordinary printing to energy printing, from printing daily decorations to printing bones, parts, cultural relics, etc. The audience must have been captivated by these wonderful technologies. I do n’t know if any audience really understands the principle and working method of this technology. Below I will briefly take a look at the 5 working methods of 3D printing technology and briefly introduce their respective working principles.

3D printing technology concept

3D printing technology is a technology that uses powdered metal or plastic stools to bond materials based on digital analog files to construct objects by layer-by-layer printing. 3D printers appeared in the mid-1990s, that is, rapid prototyping devices using light curing and paper lamination technologies. It works basically the same as an ordinary printer. The printer contains liquid or powder "printing materials". After connecting to the computer, the blueprint on the computer is turned into a physical object through computer control. Today, this technology is used in many fields, and people use it to make clothing, building models, cars, food, and so on.

5 ways of 3D printing


SLS-Selective Laser Sintering

Lamination method (LOM-Laminated Object Manufacturing)

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM-Fused Deposition Modeling)

3DP-Three Dimensional Printing

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