Analysis of the pre-printing adjustment process

The deployment of ink hue is an important job before printing, and it is also a very abstract job. Simple color materials, three primary colors, yellow, magenta, and blue can be assigned red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple and other dozens of colors. In the actual deployment process, the color obtained by the three primary color inks cannot be obtained. This is because the pigments and dyes selected by the ink manufacturers cannot achieve the saturation, color concentration, and brightness of the three primary colors of the international standard, and the three equal primary color ink phases. Plus can only be tea grey, not black. Therefore, black ink, white ink, diluting agent and other inks and auxiliaries are indispensable in the actual color adjustment process.

Dyeing process

1. Prepare ink and thinner before printing.

2. In the short time of the boot printing, according to the collocation of colors, proper use of the original color ink, and a good grasp of the ratio, in accordance with the proofs for the preparation of each color group ink hue, so that the printing speed is stable, a little adjustment to achieve the proof effect . In normal printing, the batch control of the hue is the same, and it is more difficult for ink-transferring personnel. For example, the amount of thinner added will affect the color effect in different degrees. This requires the ink-transferring personnel to have a strong sense of responsibility.

3. Diluent and ink resin solubility, temperature deviation and the ratio of diluent is related, such as high temperatures, the diluent should be slow-drying type. At the same time, the dissolving effect and volatilization speed also play a very important role in the printing quality of the product, so it is necessary to select the appropriate diluent according to the relevant conditions.

4. Master the ink system, color, color saturation, viscosity, fineness and other indicators.

5. We will review the proofs and customer requirements, process requirements, hue requirements, and ink usage requirements. We must have a thorough understanding of the arrangement of the color sequence of each color group, the number of prints of the product, the amount of ink used, and the deployment of the main colors.

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