Marketing techniques are in the early stages, home companies lack brand awareness

At present, some home furnishing companies believe that "saving money is the last word", but the brand is the ultimate "tool" to attract consumers.

“have to promote” but need “frequent promotion”, the home industry seems to be caught in the crazy circle of marketing. Behind the variety of marketing methods is the battle for customer resources. In the round of the "rushing war", it is possible to find the company that has its own characteristics and focus on brand building.

Marketing creates "good quality and low price"

In the home industry, according to different business operations, marketing entities can be broadly divided into three types: home improvement companies, home stores, and furniture and building materials brands. Although the specific marketing methods of each subject are different, the common marketing method concepts are very similar: the product concept of “good quality and low price” is transmitted in various ways to attract customers to consume.

Wang Xiaobing, vice president of decoration now, said: "In the home furnishing industry, all the marketing needs to be done to convene customers. Take the home improvement company as an example. When a new community is completed, there will be various ways of pre-work. For example, call Introduce the business to the owner, open a resident store in the community or set up a business to introduce business, conduct group buying activities, etc. The marketing method that does not target a certain region is to attract customers through discounts and gifts through channels such as the Internet. Within the company, the signing is completed."

Compared with home improvement companies, the pre-marketing models of various brands are more diverse. According to industry insiders, individual brands tend to be more flexible and have multiple sales methods. Common cooperation with home improvement companies, access to home stores, independent stores and so on. In addition, brand alliances have become a common marketing method in the past two years. Such activities usually consist of several major brands of different types of products. One category has only 1-2 brands, attracting potential consumers through various publicity, and gathering consumers at a certain time and at a lower discount. Attracting the signing. Brand alliances have more discounts than common promotions. In addition to brand alliances, home furnishing companies will also participate in third-party home fairs, home group buying fairs, etc., and often attract consumers with “value for money”.

Home business lacks brand awareness

Wang Ningning, deputy manager of the operation and management department of the Real Estate Group, said that the home store has a large volume and does not actually own the products. Generally, it mainly uses community procurement, collection and purchase, and promotion. All marketing methods are also based on “attracting people”. . He said: "Compared with other industries, the marketing method of the home industry is relatively low-end, and it is also relatively "earth", with the goal of signing quantity and sales volume. Let the target consumers know us and attract them to the store, so that customers feel The "value" of buying things here has not developed to the stage of creating brand influence."

In Wang Ningning's view, regardless of any industry, advanced marketing methods should be "telling stories, talking about brands." He said: "Real marketing should let consumers recognize the concept of brand expression. Now in the home industry, few companies have brand awareness. For a simple example, many high-end furniture brands use their products when describing their products. The descriptions of "the first layer of calfskin" and "pure European-style style" highlight the product's sophisticated materials and exotic styles, but changing the name and title is still such a description, and there is no brand connotation and value."

Wang Xiaobing believes that the lack of brand awareness in home furnishing enterprises is the result of insufficient development of the industry and fierce competition for homogenization. He said: "The development of the home industry has been more than a decade, and the barriers to entry have been relatively low. Take home improvement companies as an example. Each company has a similar business model and may have certain advantages in some areas to attract a certain number of specific consumers, but the entire industry There is no such special enterprise. Even if consumers want to choose brand consumption, they can only look at the price and look at the price/performance ratio. In this case, I am afraid that the industry needs to make breakthroughs in its own development. The enterprises that have experienced the reshuffle of the industry may be the brand. Builder."

Industry sound

Integrity and trust are the most precious consumer elements

Ou Xinping, General Manager of Bologna Beijing Branch

In the home improvement consumer market, especially in the initial sales segment, price has become an important element to attract consumers, which is a lack of integrity. In this case, businesses should be aware that integrity and trust are the most precious elements of consumption. Every order is perfect and honest. Consumers will pass on the word and lead the people around them. This kind of effect can't be seen in the short term, but it can bring the most loyal customers.

Creating a meticulous service is the focus of the future

Wang Ningning, Deputy Manager, Business Management Department, Real Estate Group

As a store, I feel that I still have to develop in the direction of upgrading services. After all, the home store as a place of consumption, the main consumer offering is the consumer experience. Consumer consumption is becoming more and more rational now, and the demand for shopping places is getting higher and higher. Due to the market situation, we will also have discount promotions, but we do not want to focus on this. Creating meticulous services and refining the characteristics of each store will be the focus of the future home.

Reporter observation

Marketing is a double-edged sword

I don't know when I started, the friends who bought the new house are very annoyed. In addition to the spam and phone calls of the real estate agent, there are more harassment by the decoration company, the guerrillas and the home business. Indeed, once personal information and the house have been implicated, the various unwanted information about the house is swarming, and the information is very similar: offers, gifts, sweepstakes, upgrades... almost become a home business to attract consumption The only way to do it.

In the home industry with serious homogenization, the consumer group becomes a rare resource, and if the profit is equal, who can grab the consumer, who is the winner of the market. Frequent marketing campaigns for the purpose of promotion, so that consumers are dazzled when choosing home products, have to start from the price/performance ratio, and have no sense of identity with the brand.

It is undeniable that the purpose of marketing is to make money. A single, frequent reserve price marketing can only bring profits to the company in the short run. Once you abandon this type of marketing, you may lose the market. Smart marketing, even if the product is more expensive and "not worthwhile", can make consumers willingly pay for it, and be a fan of the brand. Is the cost of the highly sought-after “Muji” materials and labor more than many other brands? Consumers buy goods that seem “not worthwhile”, with a focus on design, quality, brand appeal and lifestyle. And domestic home brands, there is almost no such marketing concept. A single, low-end marketing approach that brandes the brand with a low-end, short-lived disgusting image. Even with multiple purchases, I am afraid that it is difficult for consumers to have a soft spot for a certain brand. This makes each brand not survive for a long time, after a new brand is born, it is a new round of marketing war, which makes the industry fall into the strange circle of continuous low-end marketing.

There used to be a saying that the sole purpose of marketing is to sell more products to more people at a higher price. The marketing of home companies only achieves “more people”. "Human tactics" is by no means a long-term solution. Enterprises should first have brand awareness and establish a brand image, so that it is possible to reshape the marketing concept and make a century-old store.

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