Introduction to Feng Shui Introduction Home Furnishing Bedroom Bed is super-excellent

Needless to say, most of the time in a person's life is spent in sleep. You know, this is the bed that everyone can't live without, and it is also a kind of feng shui.

The sitting position of the bed must be in the life of the Kyrgyzstan, and its effect of avoiding the evil is quite large. Be sure to have a backing after the bed, not empty, it is best to stick the wall, otherwise it will be illusory and schizophrenic. From the perspective of Feng Shui, when you are in bed, look at the left and right sides, whether there is Zuo Qinglong, right white tiger. Because the Qinglong is happy, the left side is best to go to the entrance, the door, or put on the closet, hanging calligraphy and so on. The white tiger on the right side should be lower, and the left side should be stronger than the right side. Do not put the bed in the center of the room, that is, there are no dependencies on the front, back, left and right sides. Never sleep in this way. The bed has a table or a bedside table on both sides, which means that there are handrails and backings. Singles should not sleep in a lonely position. Married people should not sleep in peach blossoms.


After you have settled in the bed, be careful not to put anything under the bed! Negation will affect the health of the owner. In the eight-character numerology, the bottom of the bed represents the foot of one person, that is, the land of one person. Where the eight-character land is mostly without soil, ugly soil and bauxite, most of the bottom of the bed is full of debris. Someone once placed a bronze iron under the bed, which led to the opening of a knife and a traffic accident.

The ancient book "Zhen Ming Mirror" cloud: "The bed should not be dark to Yiming, but the main murderer." This is to say that the bed should be exposed to yang. It is advisable to see the sun. If there is no window at all in the bedroom, it will be dark and yin. It is not good for health for a long time, and it is easy to cause depression. The light in the bedroom should be soft, and the light in the bedroom is too strong, which makes people feel tempered.

If you want to "fire" yourself, you can install the lamp in the bedside table. If you don't "fire", you don't need to install it. The installation of the bedside lighting depends on whether the person wants to "fire." Those who avoid fire can put an Admiralty on the bedside table, which represents Jinshui. Nowadays, many people will install a wall lamp on each side of the bed. This pair of wall lamps is not good for wind and water. Because the two lamps represent two blacks, they can be adjusted according to their own conditions.

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