500 yuan to transform the balcony leisure area to give the family more leisure

Plan one for balcony leisure area: rattan chair + rattan table

Matching recommendation: single rattan sofa + multi-layer rattan rack = 560 + 218 yuan = 778 yuan

Editor's comment: The rattan sofa is not only made of natural and environmentally friendly materials, but also gives a simple visual sense, and the touch is warm and cool, especially suitable for summer cool use.

Recommended item one: balcony rattan leisure chair, 560 yuan

Recommended item two: Rattan frame, 218 yuan

Plan two for the balcony leisure area: simple rocking chair + reading light

Recommended with: rocking chair + reading lamp = 259 + 116 yuan = 375 yuan

Editor's comment: A chair and a lamp are enough to form a quiet small space, whether it is reading a favorite book or viewing the night scene outside the window, it is very pleasant.

Recommended item one: IKEA Bonn solid rocking chair, 259 yuan

Recommended item two: stylish and simple reading floor lamp, 116 yuan

Plan three for the balcony leisure area: wooden swing chair + round table

Matching recommendation: wooden swing chair + round table = 339 + 118 yuan = 457 yuan

Editor's comment: The swing that swings freely will give the atmosphere of the wilderness, together with the small wooden round table, in the spring breeze night, accompanied by a slightly trembling candlelight, how beautiful ~

Recommended item one: balcony wooden rocking chair, 339 yuan

Recommended item two: pine round table, 118 yuan

Solution 4 for the balcony leisure area: a comfortable nest-shaped hanging basket

Matching recommendation: nest hanging basket

Editor's comment: A simple nest-shaped hanging basket can turn the balcony into a warm and relaxed comfortable space, and the nest is very comfortable.

Recommended Item One: Imitation rattan bird nest hanging basket, 439 yuan

Fifth plan to build a balcony leisure area: bay window + cushion

Matching recommendation: solid wood bay window + cushion = 160 + 48.98 * 2 yuan = 257.96 yuan

Editor's comment: People who make a balcony as a storage platform can use a bay window coffee table and a few cushions to create a very good leisure area.

Recommended Item One: Burning Tongmu Bay Window Coffee Table, 160 RMB

Recommended Item 2: Cotton Embroidered Pillow, RMB 48.98

Solution 6 for the balcony leisure area: low single recliner

Matching recommendation: low and comfortable single recliner

Editor's comment: A recliner with a shape that fits the shape of the human spine. It is very comfortable to sit and sit on the balcony to read books or take a nap. The cost is not high but the effect is excellent. This style of recliner now has a variety of materials, you can choose according to your preferences.

Recommended item one: courtyard lunch break chair, 580 yuan

Solution 7 for creating a balcony leisure area: wooden chair + side table + seat cushion

Matching recommendation: wooden chair + side table + seat cushion = 452 + 59 + 98 yuan = 609 yuan

Editor's comment: The chair with a curved back can almost enclose people. It feels more comfortable to lean on than a normal wooden chair. Use Zhang Xiaobian to put some water glasses, snacks, use a book, and it will be like this in an afternoon. Happily passed away.

Recommended item one: two-color solid wood coffee chair, 452 yuan

Recommended item two: white solid wood stool / side table, 59 yuan

Recommended item three: pure wool cushion, 98 yuan

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