Nursing Quartet that can't be ignored before makeup

Exquisite makeup has become one of the basic etiquettes of everyday communication. It not only enhances the beauty, but also creates an intellectual and elegant temperament. Whether you are a fashion white-collar or a pure girl, has makeup been an important step in your daily skin care? However, according to the survey, the normal makeup steps are divided into nine steps, but many parts of women's makeup in China are only three steps, which is not only not conducive to creating a perfect makeup, but cosmetics are easy to have adverse effects on the skin. Make-up is very important, and the skin care before makeup can not be ignored. The following series of pre-makeup treatments for you can help you to practice the magical skills of “rejuvenation”.

Nursing Quartet that can't be ignored before makeup

Step 1. Pre-makeup is essential and needs to be partitioned.

In summer, the skin texture of our skin T and U areas will be very obvious, the T area will become easier to produce oil, and the U area will be drier. At this time, the makeup can be combined and used; in the T area The upper eyelids are coated with an oil-control cleansing lotion, while the moisturizing makeup lotion is applied to the cheeks of the U area, which greatly improves the durability and compliance of the base makeup.

Step 2. Roll the eye and face for a soothing skin pressure

Massage can warm the skin, soften the skin, thereby improving the skin's absorption capacity, promoting nutrient absorption, and making the subsequent makeup more docile. The ball-type eye care products are convenient and quick to use. In the morning when every minute is counted, the blood circulation around the eyes is accelerated by massage, thereby removing edema and diminishing dark circles, which makes the eye makeup not easy to fade. It can also be used on the cheeks, which can effectively prevent the makeup from floating on the skin and mud.

Step 3, the makeup spray before makeup is effective

The wet compress can instantly increase the moisture content of the skin, solve the peeling and alleviate the oil problem. After cleansing in the morning, infuse the cotton pad with a high-performance lotion or essence water with good moisturizing effect, and apply it to the forehead and cheek for about 10 minutes. At the same time, you can choose to dress, clean up the room, and organize the bags without wasting a minute. After applying the wet compress, the makeup can be greatly improved.

Step 4, avoid using a hot towel to apply the face, ice towel to cool the pores

Cooling the skin before makeup is the secret weapon of the makeup artist. Cooling the skin can shrink pores and delay the secretion of sebaceous glands, laying a good foundation for the foundation. The easiest way is to keep a wet towel in the refrigerator, remove it before makeup, cover it on the face and gently press it for 5-10 minutes. After that, makeup is applied, which not only makes the foundation easier to apply, but also makes the makeup more detailed.

Don't underestimate the four-part series, it can keep the skin in the best condition, which is good for makeup and makeup. At the same time, it can also give the skin a maintenance care, avoiding the skin contact with the skin and causing skin allergies. Therefore, pre-makeup is not only an indispensable step in the perfect makeup, but also an important step in applying a protective film to the skin.

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