Experts tell: how to use UV aging test box safely

The ultraviolet aging test chamber is created artificially, simulating the environmental conditions of ultraviolet radiation, rain, high temperature, high humidity, condensation, darkness and other environmental conditions in the natural climate, and conducting accelerated aging tests on the materials to obtain various properties of the tested materials index. The equipment is operated manually. To ensure the safety during use, the user should do the following:

1. For inexperienced non-professionals, do not operate the test box alone or at will.

2. Full-time staff should be equipped to monitor the aging and safety status in the full scale of the test.

3. Do not use uncertified non-dedicated lamps.

4. The door must be opened or the lamp tube must be replaced with the power turned off.

5. When not wearing goggles, do not directly observe the illuminated UV lamp with the naked eye to avoid burns. (Note: In order to avoid similar situations, as long as the lid of the UV aging test box produced by Yashilin is opened, the lamp will automatically go out.)

6. If the water level drops significantly or the water level alarm lamp of the test box flashes, deionized water should be added in time to avoid the pump running in a water-free state.

7. Dirty test area and no use of deionized water will produce water stains on the sample that hinder observation and also affect the service life of equipment components.

8. The cooling fan on the electrical box should be in normal operation state during the whole test.

9. The control samples should be installed separately at the axis-symmetrical positions of the rotating frame to obtain equivalent lighting conditions. The device is a thin plate-intensive mechanism, and safety should be paid attention to during operation and maintenance to prevent scratches.

10. The UV aging test box has a high irradiance level of UVB light source. Although it can accelerate the test process to the greatest extent, it can sometimes cause aging damage to certain materials that is more than natural exposure. Attention should be paid to this factor when samples differ from the control samples.

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