Domestic office furniture

Since joining the WTO, Chinese local furniture has begun to focus on the design and development of office furniture and market development. Professional office furniture companies have emerged and are growing rapidly, and are more suitable for the traditional Chinese concept. High quality and low price, durable. However, because of the lack of understanding of the office environment, employee privacy, ergonomics, etc. in the early days of historical problems, after continuous learning and progress, it gradually stepped up the international pace.

This Machine is the dedicated Coating Machine for PET, BOPP film etc material conducting Coating processed, It is widespread applied to transferring Aluminium laminated films, Laser decoration film, Electrochemical aluminium film.

Automatic coating line is designed for peeling, color layer and secondary coating such as electrochemical aluminium, aluminized transfer film

unwind and reiwnd and driven adop servo motors, advanced digital control and tension floating roller which realized automatic control on the whole line dynamic tension, which greatly improve the precision and stability on the tension control.


Coating Machine Series

Film Coating Machine,Paper Coating Machine,Diaphragm Coating Machine

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