Easy dried fruit bottle packaging popular

Dried fruit is most suitable for consumption in the spring. However, after the Spring Festival, the price of dried fruit remained stable and there was no decline. This has caused many people to feel that they cannot afford it. Not long ago, people responded that dried fruits were tens of dollars higher in supermarkets than in farmers' markets, and their quality was similar.

      We visited supermarkets and found that supermarket dried fruit bottles are generally much more delicate than farmers' markets. Supermarket dried fruit bottles are mostly transparent bottles. The style is very beautiful. However, most farmers’ markets are packed in bags, some of them even in bulk, and only plastic bags are required for purchase. The packaging cost of dried fruit bottles is obviously much higher than that of bags, which also leads to the price of supermarket dried fruits is higher than the farmers' market.
     After conducting an interview, we found out that many citizens are not willing to purchase delicate bottles packed with dried fruits, and more are buying dried fruits in bulk. This is more real.
     Such news is obviously not conducive to the development of bottle manufacturers, and similar news also needs to attract the attention of bottle manufacturers. When selecting dried fruit bottle making materials, it is necessary to consider factors such as cost and safety.

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