World War I soldiers "lucky" teddy bears will be auctioned (Photos)

[Global Network Comprehensive Report] Teddy bear is a favorite toy for children, but not all teddy bears are used for play. Some may be witnesses to a major event, which has profound meaning. According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on May 5, 27 teddy bear toys that had been brought to the front by the soldiers of World War I will be auctioned on July 18.

These cute teddy bear toys are well preserved and even the name of each bear is preserved. These teddy bear names are very interesting, such as Bubble, Fluffy, Imp, and Mac. The auction will be held at the "Special Auction Services" in Berkshire, UK, at "Dolls, Dolls, Teddy Bears, Traditional Toys Auctions" (Dolls, Dolls' Houses, Teddy Bears and Traditional Toys) On the auction). It is estimated that the auction price of these 27 teddy bears may reach 5,000 pounds (about 47,000 yuan) to 8,000 pounds (about 76,000 yuan).

It is reported that the collectors of these teddy bears are from the Isle of Wight, England, and the collection began in 1933. During World War I, teddy bear toys were welcomed by the British army. Soldiers bought teddy bear toys as lucky charms to bring to the front line of war and pray for peace. Among them, red, white and blue teddy bears with patriotic symbolism are the most sold. (Internship Compilation: Zhong Xiangyuan Reviewer: Guo Wenjing)

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