Requirements for the use of dustproof test equipment-Yashilin Commissioning Department

I heard a piece of news a few days ago, and Beijing has started to sandstorm again. With the bad environment of the earth, the ecological test is getting more and more severe. As a manufacturer of simulated environmental test equipment, all we can do is develop the best testing tools to face various products that will be launched in the market. The application fields of dustproof test equipment are gradually widening. After purchasing a dust-proof test equipment, we have to consider how to operate this equipment. In order to make your operation more convenient and extend the life of the product, we need to prepare the following venues: 1. There must be a placed experiment Room, easy to connect. There should be sufficient space between adjacent walls or equipment. In order to repair or maintain. 2. In order to exert the function, performance and environmental temperature and humidity of the test chamber stably: the temperature should be maintained at 15-35 ℃ all year round and the humidity should not exceed 85% (manufacturer's recommendation) On level ground. 4. It should be installed in a place with little dust and as close to the power supply as possible. 5. It should be installed in a place without direct sunlight and well-ventilated. Attachment: Use of dust-proof test equipment The dust-proof test equipment is mainly suitable for various automobile parts for dust and dust resistance tests. The test parts include lights, meters, electrical dust jackets, steering systems, door locks, etc.

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