Different pipetting methods of electronic pipette

Different pipetting methods of electronic pipette

Electronic pipettes are newly developed products, and single-channel electronic pipettes have been introduced.
The unique design conforms to ergonomic principles.
A variety of pipetting modes can be selected by customers according to the requirements of the experiment.
Sample mixing mode
Reverse suction mode: This mode is specially designed to absorb high viscosity, high vapor pressure or foaming liquid.
Electrophoresis sample loading mode: according to the set pipetting volume, the liquid will be aspirated at a faster and adjustable speed, and then discharged at a slower speed to avoid diffusion. This mode is for 1000ul range pipettes.
Hierarchical pipetting mode: designed for continuous pipetting, continuous pipetting according to the set number of pipetting times and pipetting volume. It can be easily calibrated and can be calibrated in a few minutes without special tools.
For the first time with the refresh function, the pipette may be able to automatically discharge and then recharge, which extends the working life of the battery. Has better accuracy and error coefficient.
After charging, up to 4000 pipetting can be completed.
The unique tip nozzle design, with the sleeve, can be compatible with the tips of all manufacturers.
Without tools, the pipetting rod can be disassembled and easy to maintain.

The blush brush is a flat brush slightly smaller than the honey powder brush. The tops of the bristles are arranged in a semicircle.

A good blush brush can make rouge easy and natural. Dip the brush into blush powder, gently shake off the excess powder, and then apply makeup. If the color is not enough, slowly add it. Can also be used as a powder brush or after-painting

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