Ink Fluorescence: Discussion on the High-tech Trend of Ink

In order to meet the needs of the market, a daylight-type color-changing fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink and hand temperature-type color-changing fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink that can be used in tobacco and alcohol packaging are introduced to the market. Its main features are the use of daylight-type color-changing and hand-temperature-type color-changing high-tech materials. Controllability of raw materials. The second is that the ink has many components, many production equipments, large investment, complicated technology and difficult processing, and it is difficult for ordinary people to imitate. The third is to have multiple anti-counterfeiting functions, such as intuitiveness, sunlight color change, hand temperature color change; Fourth, it is easy to identify. It can be identified by using sunlight or heating by hand temperature, and it can also use common ultraviolet lamp money detector. This new anti-counterfeiting ink has the following technical characteristics: First, it uses the principle of chemiluminescence to realize the uniqueness of detecting fluorescence. According to customer needs, special fluorescent compounds with patent protection are used, with unique fingerprint recognition function. The only spectrally characterized ink achieves the goal of protecting the product from counterfeiting. Second, the stability of the fluorescent material that changes color in sunlight and in hand temperature is very high, which overcomes the shortcomings of the existing anti-counterfeiting ink that is easy to age. The third is to have the specificity of the special anti-counterfeiting ink formula lock of the commodity brand, that is, according to the needs of customers, the unique and strong anti-counterfeiting ink products can be used to protect the product. Fourth, the new anti-counterfeiting ink can be used to print invisible or colored anti-counterfeiting graphics directly on coated paper, cardboard, plastic film and other materials for packaging such as tobacco and alcohol by any printing method.

Indigo's color digital offset press provides a unique combination of functions based on its color digital offset press technology and operation. Indigo presses all use electronic ink Indigo's unique liquid ink. Electronic ink contains charged liquid ink particles, which makes it possible to electronically control the position of printing particles in digital printing. Electronic ink can reach very small particles (1-2 microns), such small particles enable printing to achieve higher resolution and smoothness, sharpen the edges of the image, and form an extremely thin image layer.

(1) Standard basic colors CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black);

(2) The six-color setting in the wide color gamut adds orange and purple, making the color reproduction ability much higher than the color reproduction ability based on the original four colors

(3) Indigo spot color system compatible with PANTONE;

(4) Opaque white coating of colorless printing materials;

(5) Fluorescent ink.

Playsets for Small Yards
With  Golden Childhood, big fun can happen in small spaces! Even if you have a tiny yard, you don`t have to cut corners when it comes to playtime. Our engineers and designers have tested space-saving innovations and equipment for years to come up with innovative outdoor playsets for small yards.
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High-quality materials. Small space can still mean big safety. Our small swing sets and playsets are made from 100% solid beam North American Pacific Cedar, just like all our playsets. Cedar is naturally resistant to pests, rot, fungus and other issues that could affect the durability of your play areas. This natural resistance means we don't have to use toxic chemicals to coat and treat our lumber. Solid beam construction means your playsets won't buckle, warp or splinter the way engineered wood can.

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