The establishment of G7-the solution of non-standard materials

In our production, due to many reasons, it will lead to non-standard materials, especially paper. So, how to set the G7 process for different whiteness paper?

1. C≥30%

When printing on non-standard color paper, GRACoL strongly recommends that when the C value of the three-color combination gray is greater than or equal to 30%, the equipment should be corrected to the specified gray balance of a and b.

2. C < 30%

When C is less than 30%, the new chroma standard

a * Three-color combination = a * paper (30-C) / (30 + a * standard value * C / 30)
b * Three-color combination = b paper (30-C) / (30 + b * standard value * C / 30)

for example

C Three-color combination = 25%
a * paper = 2.5
b * paper = -5

Standard a * = 2.5 × (30-25) /30+0×25/30=2.5×0.17=0.425
Standard b * =-5 × (30-25) /30-2×25/30=-5×0.17-2×0.83=-2.51
Take the integer gray balance a * = 0.5 (± 0.5), b * =-2.5 (± 1.0)

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