Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of wardrobes

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] In the home decoration, the style of the wardrobe will affect the overall home style, the wardrobe as a must-have item for home storage, not only a few small cabinets, currently, China's wardrobe market is mainly three Occupied by wardrobe products: finished wardrobes, integral wardrobes and woodworking wardrobes. Today we will take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.


1, finished wardrobe:

Wardrobes made by finished furniture manufacturers can be purchased in the building materials market, home stores, brand stores, etc. The finished wardrobe produced by the brand enterprise is more reliable, material, workmanship, environmental protection, etc., and the styles and styles are more, the choice is rich, that is, buy and install, no need to wait for a long time. However, the finished wardrobe may not be perfectly combined with the decoration style of the living room; at the same time, the finished wardrobe is fixed in size and cannot be perfectly combined with the living room space, such as the wardrobe can not do the roof, causing waste of space, daily cleaning troubles, etc.; The internal structure of the wardrobe is fixed and cannot be customized according to the characteristics of the consumer. The product is not personalized and humanized.

2, the overall wardrobe:

Also known as custom wardrobes, wall-mounted wardrobes, wall cabinets, etc., is a customized wardrobe manufacturer to customize products according to consumer needs. The products produced by the whole wardrobe brand enterprise are guaranteed in terms of materials, workmanship and environmental protection. The whole wardrobe is generally composed of cabinet doors and cabinets. Consumers can choose the cabinet doors according to the style of home decoration; the interior of the cabinets can also choose the hanging space, drawers, lattice racks, trousers racks according to their own habits. A structure such as a mirror. At the same time, the overall wardrobe can be customized according to the actual situation of the living room space, achieving the perfect use of the living room space.

The purchase of the overall wardrobe, generally by the brand's designer door-to-door size, after the communication to determine the design drawings and place an order, the order is sent to the enterprise production. At present, the shipment period of the industry enterprises is uneven, ranging from more than ten days to more than twenty days, consumers need to wait for a long time. In addition, the overall price of the overall wardrobe is relatively high.

3, woodworking wardrobe:

The woodworking wardrobe is the wardrobe that the decoration company's woodworker hand-made on the spot according to the owner's requirements during the decoration. It is convenient for woodworking to make wardrobes, and the price is cheap. The tailor-made on-site also greatly improves the space utilization rate. However, the lack of professional equipment for woodwork, the material is not guaranteed, the craft is based on the experience and ability of the producer, and the quality and aesthetics cannot be guaranteed.

For example, because there is no professional edge banding machine, the woodworking system usually uses manual sealing or even edge sealing, and the sealing degree and fineness will be poor. At the same time, the use of glue and paint in the production process is likely to cause large amounts of harmful chemicals. In addition, there is no after-sales service in the woodworking wardrobe, and the wardrobe has no problem in use.

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