Don't let "dirty electricity" harass healthy life

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] The so-called "dirty electricity" refers to the electromagnetic field that can't be seen, touched, inaudible, or smelled. The mobile phone will also generate this electromagnetic field. So how can we minimize the harm of “dirty electricity”?

1. Avoid wireless as much as possible. Electromagnetic radiation generated by wireless electronic devices is cumulative. Try to choose wired Internet access; when you sleep, be sure to unplug the plug; keep the router away from your body and your child's bedroom.

2. Choose a safer bulb. Avoid using fluorescent bulbs that produce "dirty electricity", try to use LED or incandescent lamps; do not use a variable resistance (dimming) switch.

3. Stay away from the junction box. The electromagnetic radiation is the largest within the range of 0.9-1.2 meters from the main power line box. Therefore, beds, sofas, etc. should be kept at a safe distance from the wall box, underground or the next box.

4. Use a wired telephone. Cordless phones generate as much radiation as they do during use. Avoid using digitally enhanced cordless phones supported by base and satellite systems. Pay particular attention to making your child use a cordless phone or cell phone.

5. No Bluetooth wireless headphones. When you answer the phone, try to use a wired headset.

6. Change the left and right ears to the phone. Using a mobile phone in a weak signal area will produce more radiation. In addition, when using the mobile phone, try to change the ears around the ear.

7. Install the phone in your pocket with the battery facing out. It is best to put the phone in the bag and put the phone battery side out when you put it on your phone.

8. Don't use a notebook while charging. Many laptops generate strong electromagnetic fields during battery charging. Therefore, try to charge the electricity before using it.

9. Remove the plug when the appliance is not in use. These include electronic alarm clocks, electric lights, and more. These appliances generate radiation when energized.

10. Flat screen TV. When changing the TV, it is best to choose a liquid crystal display, plasma and old-fashioned CRT TV radiation are relatively large. Not only that, but plasma TVs also generate transient electromagnetic fields in home wires.

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