Who is responsible for the injured foot on the way to the furniture? Employer has paid for medical expenses

“I was hired by the head of the household to move things. I was injured by the cabinet on the way. Now I have spent more than a thousand treatment fees, and the employer who hires me is only willing to pay half of the medical expenses.” On the 1st, Mr. Lu called The Evening News hotline said that he was injured on the way to hire someone to move, and the employer, Mr. Li, was not willing to take charge of all medical expenses, so the two sides had a dispute.

Inadvertently injured the furniture

Mr. Lu is a decoration worker and occasionally picks up another job. At noon on October 31, Mr. Lu was hired to carry furniture for Mr. Lu, who lives in Jiangshan City Square. When carrying a cabinet upstairs, Mr. Lu and the workers who carried it together cooperated with mistakes. The cabinet slammed heavily on Mr. Lu’s feet and injured Mr. Lu’s ankle. In the afternoon, Mr. Lu went to the hospital for medical treatment and spent a total of 1,350 yuan on medical expenses. In addition, the injury caused Mr. Lu to be unable to engage in renovation work in recent days and can only rest at home.

After Mr. Lu was injured, Mr. Li, the employer, went to visit and paid a medical fee of 500 yuan, but the later 800 yuan medical expenses were paid by Mr. Lu himself. After leaving the hospital, Mr. Lu found Mr. Li and asked Mr. Li to pay the remaining medical expenses. However, Mr. Li did not agree that the two sides had a dispute, and Mr. Lu did not have to go back home after losing money.

The employer has paid all medical expenses

Yesterday, the reporter found the employer Mr. Li. Mr. Li said that he did not pay the full medical expenses for Mr. Lu because he felt that Mr. Lu’s injury was caused by his own improper operation, and Mr. Lu himself also had certain responsibilities. However, when Mr. Lu was unable to work in recent days, Mr. Li’s attitude changed significantly. After the coordination of the reporter and Mr. Li’s friend, Mr. Li expressed his willingness to bear all the medical expenses of Mr. Lu’s injury of 1,350 yuan. At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, Mr. Li sent the money to Mr. Lu, and Mr. Lu was very moved. The two sides shook hands.

Hu Cambridge, a lawyer at the Suqian branch of Jiangsu Zhongshan Mingjing Law Firm, told the reporter that in the employment contract, there were many cases of compensation for injury to employees. In this incident, the employer and the employee did not have a special agreement, and the employer had to pay the full medical expenses.

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