Leading the furniture industry to change the third-party after-sales service will become a new industry

Traditional furniture stores still have great terminal competitiveness, and their business ideas and promotion methods have almost no innovation. Under the conditions of a large consumer environment, the operation of traditional furniture stores (including specialty stores) has never been as difficult as this year. Therefore, change has become the subject of the furniture industry.

At this year's Chengdu Furniture Fair, there is a new expansion in the display field. A professional third-party furniture after-sales service platform will be introduced for the first time, which can be said to be the first in the same type of exhibitions nationwide. To this end, we interviewed Dong Naijun, general manager of Chengdu Jinpai After-sales Service Co., Ltd. - It should be the typical model of the largest third-party after-sales service platform in Chengdu, the longest-serving company and the largest number of customers. There are enough capitals to dare to take the big booth at the Chengdu exhibition this year and do the after-sales service display. Our topic is also starting from here. Shenzhen Furniture: How can you think of exhibiting as a service company, which makes you the only furniture exhibition in Chengdu?

Dong Naijun: Because the lack of participation is not enough for the furniture companies to let the furniture stores let the dealers realize that the original after-sales work can be outsourced to third parties. The third-party after-sales can exist as an emerging industry, and we provide a brand new one. Operational franchise model - perhaps our emergence is their need, this exhibition just makes them shine. In fact, the entire home industry is more emphasis on production and sales, but regardless of the after-sales of any industry is the most difficult and thin-end link, it affects production and sales in a large number of cases. We are here to participate in the exhibition not to prove how good we are, but to awaken the entire home industry like the automotive industry, the home appliance industry to make third-party after-sales service into an industry system, separating after-sales service from manufacturers and distributors. So that the entire home industry can be more professional and more standardized development.

Although the company has just been established, in fact, our team has cooperated with many home furnishing manufacturers in the current mode. Famous enterprises such as Southern Home, All-Friends Home, and Dihao Home, etc. There are more than 50 of these companies' warehousing, delivery, installation, maintenance and other after-sales services are all we are doing. After a long period of operation and development, we find that in the home industry, such third-party after-sales models will get the country, Industry, manufacturers, distributors, consumers and other parties praise.

Shenzhen furniture: What are the advantages of third-party after-sales?

Dong Naijun: The biggest advantage is that professional people do professional things to solve the worries of home shopping malls or home manufacturers. Everyone knows that the current home shopping malls are all in their own right – they do their own after-sales service. They feel that after-sales is very troublesome but they have to do it. Our appearance has solved their troubles.

First, the technical advantage, the technical elite with years of brand furniture installation, delivery, maintenance experience have been collected together, to meet the plate-type goods, solid wood furniture, various grades, various models and various materials of home after-sales service demand.

Second, the cost advantage, the overall arrangement of manpower, capacity and financial resources, reasonable control of the project season, the operation is in a safe and flexible state, which ensures the low-cost operation of the project, Imagine the dealers need to do their own after-sales The cost of human and material resources, from warehousing to installation, can be wasteful at every step.

Third, the service advantage, professional companies will certainly pursue professional standards, and the standards are continuously copied to the grassroots employees and continuously improve innovation.

The fourth is the management advantage, can stand on the high-end of the furniture market service management, and lead the team members to walk in the forefront of Chengdu home service.

Shenzhen Furniture: Where are the key points of your joining model?

Dong Naijun: Every step of project development is our key point. The first point is the awareness and height of joining: Don't think that what we are doing now is our company's own business, but for the entire home industry. We must take "promoting the standardization of after-sales service in the home industry" as our responsibility. We must create a reference standard for after-sales service in the home industry. Our goal is to develop the domestic after-sales service standards with reference to our corporate standards. At the same time, it is also required that the gold chain home chain companies and the team that will join our gold brand home after-sales service chain strictly follow the chain after-sales service standards.

The second point is that the service items, technical skills and charges are all norms and standards. Only in this way can consumers and manufacturers and distributors be satisfied.

The third point is to serve only branded homes. For those home furnishing companies with poor brand quality, insecure services, and untrustworthy operations, it is not our partner, because we are responsible for the industry and consumers.

Reporter's notes

How is the furniture industry changing? The store generally quantifies the chain, the customization of the home business, the purchase and sale of online sales, but in this changing trend, people have to think about the next question, how to keep consumers, and are willing to After the purchase, you will take the initiative to promote it for you. As a result, the source of customers will come in. How to make the after-sales work well, it becomes a crucial issue, which involves warehousing, packaging, logistics, maintenance, maintenance, cleaning and related. Customer Service - If the production and sales have been fully competitive, then this after-sales is a new field.

The so-called "professional people do professional things", only focus on and focus on the furniture, it is possible to really quickly increase the depth of its industry. In fact, only by adopting a model of outsourcing to third-party companies, it is possible to reduce the logistics costs of enterprises, diversify risks, and at the same time improve customer service levels and improve market competitiveness. Hulian Shenzhen Furniture

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