Redwood furniture treasure embedded in Shenzhen

In the economic winter, the home industry has been greatly affected. There are many cases of bankruptcy and withdrawal, but there are also counterexamples. Recently, the famous brand of Chinese traditional mahogany furniture, Fangshi Yipin, has settled in Shenzhen Mingzhu Yicheng. The new store covers an area of ​​800 square meters and exhibits hundreds of traditional mahogany furniture types. According to industry insiders, in the past two years, mahogany furniture has increased by a large margin, and the future fine mahogany furniture still has room for appreciation.

Shenzhen has become one of the settlements of mahogany furniture enthusiasts

It is reported that the distinguishing feature of the district's fake mahogany furniture products from other mahogany furniture brands is “Hundred Treasures”. On the opening day, the district also displayed its own fist products, and held a Qing Dynasty rosewood inlaid treasure treasure furniture tasting.

The so-called "Hundred Treasures" is a decorative process for lacquerware, woodware and other utensils. It originated from the late Ming Dynasty and matured in the Qing Emperor Qianlong. Redwood Treasures are embedded in high-quality gemstone materials such as ivory, jasper, glyph and coral.

"This kind of decorative technique has increased the visual beauty and artistic value of furniture, and the price is often much higher than that of ordinary products." District Shengshengchun, chairman of Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, said that Shenzhen has always been a high-end consumer, mahogany furniture enthusiast. One of the settlements, now the opening of the Shenzhen store, has also created a more convenient place for mahogany furniture lovers in Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

A person in charge of a mahogany furniture manufacturer in Guangzhou told reporters that Shenzhen has always been one of the most important strategic layouts of mahogany furniture manufacturers. Now Mingzhu Yicheng and Art Exhibition Center Phase II have almost become the gathering place of mahogany furniture brands.

Fine mahogany furniture continues to appreciate in recent years, there is still room for growth

The economic cold winter caused by real estate regulation and the European debt crisis has brought about a considerable negative impact on the home furnishing industry. According to the reporter, many stores have encountered the collective withdrawal of the brand and the withdrawal of the cabinet. In such a market, the mahogany furniture store is too crowded, and it is hard to find a shop.

For the future trend of mahogany furniture, the industry is also divided. A Fujian mahogany furniture dealer on the fifth floor of the second phase of the Art Exhibition Center said: "Compared with the previous two years, this year's business is not very good, and the number of people who buy it is much less. Many people used to look at it and buy a few pieces. Going, now people are watching, but there are fewer people to buy. However, I think this is only a temporary situation. Now that monetary policy is already relaxed, the real estate market has improved, and mahogany furniture is still very promising."

As we all know, in recent years, the price of mahogany furniture has risen tremendously, especially in Hainan and Vietnam huanghuali, which are elegant in style, well-formed and well-made, and the rosewood furniture has increased by more than ten times or even dozens of times. In this regard, District Shengchun said that with the development of the economy and the improvement of people's tastes of life, the demand for fine classical furniture will become larger and larger, and the future styles of elegant, well-made fine mahogany furniture and appreciation space.

“From the market point of view, because wood is a resource consumable, good huanghuali and red rosewood are getting less and less. Now the big plates of these two materials have been calculated according to the pieces.” District Shengchun also reminds consumers , choose classical mahogany furniture, must not only be based on price, but should pay attention to its style, shape, craft, charm and other issues.

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