Living room plants with feng shui help you health and good luck

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] First, the living room is the home and the outside, the living room plants should first focus on decoration.

living room

The greening of the living room is also the focus of home greening. Greening the living room, we must strive for pleasing, warm and natural. For example, a large and simple plant with leaves can increase the sense of grandeur in the living room, and the ornamental leaf plants with complex shapes and varied colors can enrich the color of the living room.

Plant placement

Second, the focus of the living room plant is to reflect the taste of the owner.

At the same time, creating a peaceful and warm atmosphere, returning to the basics, you can also show the taste of the owner, so that the living room overflows with more humanistic colors.

In the choice of plants, to a certain extent can reflect the personality characteristics of the owner, for example: green and delicate; lily is quiet; gentleman blue Gaojie; Wen bamboo is weak; orchids are refined... and so on.

living room

Third, the living room plant placement requirements

1, usually in the home, should be based on small and medium-sized plants, rather than large plants, so as not to cause visual pressure, so that the living room has a sense of oppression.

Plant placement

2, the plants in the living room should first focus on the decoration, so the number can be used to achieve the purpose of decoration, not too much, otherwise it will give people a messy feeling, but also will have an impact on the airflow of the living room, which will lead to a negative yin in the living room. .

living room

3, the placement of plants, so as not to hinder people walking; appropriate to pay attention to small and medium to match, in order to achieve a patchwork visual effect. For example, larger plants can be placed at the entrance of the living room, at the corner of the hall, next to the stairs, etc., which do not affect people's activities; small foliage plants can be placed on coffee tables, low cabinets, corner sofas, etc. .

Plant placement

Fourth, plants have a strong feng shui effect, and its color and shape will affect the gas energy of the house.

living room

Wilted, poorly growing plants can have a negative impact on home feng shui. Therefore, it must be well maintained to maintain a strong growth state, in order to play a positive role in promoting the family's fortune.

5. There are two main feng shui effects of plants:

The first is "shengwang" (evergreen plants).

The second is “cracking” (cactus plants).

In general, leaves are pointed, needle-like plants that have hernias, unless they are used for phlegm, they will have an adverse effect on feng shui; while succulent plants with round leaves and stems will produce The feng shui effect of Wang.

Plant placement

6. Plants that are not suitable for home:

Night scent: In the evening, a lot of particles that strongly stimulate the sense of smell are emitted, which is too harmful to people with high blood pressure and heart disease.

Coniferous flower: It is oily and easy to feel disgusting.

Oleander: Flowers are toxic, and floral notes can make people sleepy and reduce intelligence.

Tulip: The flower has a poisonous base, and it is easy to fall off due to excessive contact with the hair.

living room

7. Plants suitable for home:

Chrysanthemum: It has a longevity and a symbol of increasing the blessing, which contributes to the stability of the magnetic field. Longevity chrysanthemums and cosmos are suitable for home.

Kumquat: The appearance of orange and yellow is clear, and the meaning of gold and silver treasures is quite helpful for increasing financial resources.

Daffodil: Avoid evil, save good luck, good luck, and make money.

Fugui Bamboo: Also known as "Wan Nian Bamboo", it is a popular "money tree", symbolizing lucky.

Orchid: Aggregate popularity, master power, and expand interpersonal relationships.

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