Nordic style wardrobe experience minimalist life personalized customization

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] It is simple and elegant, elegant atmosphere, both practical and functional. Each piece of material, size, color, and combination of design can be customized to your needs. You can also become your own designer. This is the Nordic style wardrobe that Xiaobian wants to introduce to you.

The wardrobe is the necessary storage furniture for every family. Everyone who loves beauty wants to have their own cloakroom. The wardrobe is very common, but the Nordic style Triplo wardrobe, Xiaobian has not seen such a design in other shops, it uses industrial technology. Combined with practicality and functional design style, let's take a look at the small series below. What are the five highlights of the Nordic style Triplo combination wardrobe?

Product display:


Evaluation product: Nordic style - Triplo wardrobe

Product material: particle board + black oak veneer

Product specifications: 2510*2280*660mm

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Evaluation details:

First, the overall style of appearance

Nordic style wardrobe

Nordic style Triplo wardrobe, classic black matching, rectangular cabinet, simple shape, no extra decoration, shape. Adhering to the Nordic style brand design features, dedicated to excellent, simple and practical design. Overall fashion, avant-garde.

Wardrobe evaluation

The sliding door wardrobe design style, such a cabinet door is closed to the left and right, and does not occupy the space of the corridor like the front and rear switch sliding doors. Outside viewing seems simple, after opening, the internal functionality and practicality is strong, Xiaobian and you share it!

Second, the plate


Nordic-style Triplo wardrobes, using high-quality materials, ensure that the wardrobe is environmentally friendly and sturdy. Whole particle board and black oak veneer. Sliding the door left and right, the right door is a piece of dark glass.

Highlight 1: Scandinavian-style furniture, you can design your own furniture according to your own wishes and preferences. The size, material, color and even the internal combination design of the furniture can be customized and chosen by yourself. You can also go to their official website to do the design. Be your own designer and tell the story of your own family.

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