Presupposition of high-end furniture should be guarded against sellers shoddy

In recent years, consumers' demands for furniture have been continuously improved. The Consumer Council of Hubei Province reminds consumers that high-end homes have counterfeits and should be distinguished from materials and other aspects.

Recently, Wuhan consumer Liu has customized a set of furniture cabinets worth 152,000 yuan in a well-known home store, but the seller has not installed it for more than 7 months. Subsequently, the Hubei Provincial Consumers Association staff found that the seller did not have the brand cabinet sales authorization, belonging to the sale of counterfeit goods.

The Consumer Council of Hubei Province reminds consumers that it is best to buy furniture in some professional furniture markets or large furniture stores with large scale, high brand awareness and good business reputation. To purchase imported furniture, you should check whether the dealer has the right to import furniture, and you must not trust the salesperson's verbal commitment.

Beware of the operators shoddy and shoddy. According to the characteristics of the furniture, consumers can carefully distinguish the material, wood grain, taste, natural defects of wood, craftsmanship and styling. If there is a strong pungent odor, accompanied by the feeling of tingling in the eyes, it means that the content of formaldehyde or volatile organic compounds in the furniture is high, and consumers should not buy them.

Consumers should take the product instruction manual and purchase vouchers during the purchase process. Once a dispute arises in the process of high-end furniture consumption, consumers can report or complain to the relevant departments to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

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