Beauty back maintenance 3 steps to walk confidently put on the back

The perfect woman has to look at the front and back, want to wear a halter, can not be red and a little pus acne out scary, this NG will definitely make you lose all charm! However, in the summer, it is indeed the season when acne begins to squirm, and accidentally the back is acne. What to do in order to restore smoothness, find confidence, and fight pox plan to help you restore the beauty back, let you both positive and negative!

Let the beauty back become a pox resort

Sebaceous glands are densely covered, making the beauty back become a pox resort

The face, scalp, chest and back are densely packed with sebaceous glands. The summer heats up, the oil secretion is more vigorous, and the back stratum corneum is thicker, the metabolism is much slower than the face, and the pores are easily blocked, and the acne naturally emerges one by one.

Return to smooth no (click to watch no film and television works "Love beyond national borders") ç‘• 3Steps

In order to rescue the beauty back occupied by acne, it is time to start from three stages.

1, choose antibacterial shower gel

First of all, you should thoroughly clean the excess oil and dirt on your back. Choose a shower gel that is antibacterial and cleansing. It can be easily accomplished with a backwash tool.

2, remember to rub the moisturizing lotion

After bathing, the water is easily washed away together with the oil. At this time, the light moisturizing lotion is rubbed, which will not cause a burden and maintain the balance of oil and water, and prevent the skin from being over-dried to secrete more oil to affect the acne.

3, choose water and refreshing sunscreen

Irradiation of sunlight will irritate acne. When it is recommended to avoid acne, avoid wearing a halter. If you have to let the back shine in the sun, you must have sunscreen. The texture is hydrated or oilfree. The product is most suitable for acne muscle.

Step 1: Wash your back

To improve acne, cleaning is the most important! Adding tea, mint or other antibacterial ingredients can slow down acne inflammation. Washing power should also be considered. If you can't wash excess oil, it will form resistance and affect the metabolism of old dead keratin. If the body is still oily and slippery after bathing, it means that the washing power is not enough!

Use a wash back tool to pull out a lot of foam

When taking a bath, remember to wash the shower gel out of the foam and wash it, because the foam can absorb more dirt. If it is too troublesome, it may be easier to foam with the backwashing tool, and it can also make the cleaning without dead ends. Inflamed acne is very fragile, soft sponge, or bath towel or shower gel bathing material is safe. If it is a brush-type washing tool, be sure to choose fine fur.

Brush back tool Howtochoose?

Washing towel in the form of a towel

Washing towel in the form of a towel

Can not apply force to special parts, relatively mild.

Washing the back stick is better

Washing the back stick is better

Exfoliating effect is better, but pay attention to the front end material, it is easy to force and handle improperly, causing injury.

Choosing "oilfree" shower gel can make acne faster?

Physicians said that the use of oil-free shower gel or permission to avoid irritating acne, but does not mean that you must use oilfree, as long as the cleaning power is strong enough, can achieve the effect of war pox.

Step 2: Body milk should also be partitioned

The oil in the chest and back is exuberant, but other parts of the body such as calves or feet are easy to dry. Therefore, the body care should also have a concept of partitioning. The choice of lightweight emulsion on the front chest and back should not cause a burden.

Emulsion in the bathroom, wipe immediately after bathing

The hot air of the bath makes the pores open. At this time, it is best to rub the lotion. It is recommended that you put the lotion in the bathroom so that you don't miss the opportunity. After you finish the lotion, you should wear a cotton-bloomed top.

In the summer heat, you can use the back lotion to make a refreshing treatment before the lotion. If you are afraid of the lotion sticking to the top in the morning, you can use the lotion to spray lightly to complete the moisturizing.

Choosing "oilfree" body lotion is not easy to get acne?

Physicians say that the body needs moderate oil to maintain health, or it is better to choose a refreshing lotion containing oil. If you have oily skin during the period of acne, try to use oilfree, and don't rub it for a long time. After about one week, if the acne is removed, it should be replaced with a general light moisturizing lotion.

Can I use my face care products to rub my back?

Face care products are usually small and easy to absorb, can really be used to paint the body, but the cost is high, the effect is not necessarily good, because the back is better than the face oil, if you take too moisturizing facial care products, accidentally caused a burden.

DIY coup: props make the lotion without dead ends

Applying the back lotion is like doing extreme gymnastics. In some places, it can't be wiped out. At this time, I sigh, there is a special tool for washing the back but the lotion does not seem to be. Japanese magazines offer a simple DIY, with a cooking stirrer tied to a cotton pad, and then squeezed into the lotion, you can paint where you want to paint!

DIY rubbing lottery props


The two pieces of cotton pad are overlapped, placed on the front end of the blade, fixed at both ends with a rubber band, and then the emulsion is poured onto the cotton pad.



The scraper can be rotated to pat the back to achieve the effect of applying lotion.

Sun protection

Step 3: Sunscreen is enough to protect the beauty back

Back sunscreen, it is best to choose the texture of the water or stress oilfree will not cause a burden, the coefficient is not important, the amount is not enough is the key to affect the effectiveness of sunscreen.

Repeat the acne position, just enough sunscreen

According to the doctor, the level of the sun protection factor is determined by the thickness of the application, that is, the thin layer of sunscreen using SPF50 is not enough. Therefore, when rubbing the back, first apply a layer on the whole back, then find the position of the acne from the mirror, and overlap a few layers to make it strong enough.

Repeatedly apply sunscreen on acne without fear of clogged pores?

The acne on the back is mostly caused by the old dead skin cells blocking the pores. This is not directly related to the external application. As long as the cleaning is done well, you don't have to worry about the situation. It is only if the sunscreen contains acne-producing "synthetic fat" ingredients (common ones: Isopropylisostearate, Isopropylmyristate, Myristylmyristate, Octylstearate), which does cause a acne crisis.

What are the acne drugs used by physicians?

When the acne is long and the condition continues, it is safe to see a doctor. Most of the acne medicines prescribed by doctors are antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide, vitamin A acid ointment, and are used together with fruit acid. Most acne medicines bought by drugstores also contain the above ingredients, but if they are used to wipe the face, the effect on the back is not necessarily good, because the cuticle is thicker, it is recommended to see the doctor in serious cases.

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