Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Show: Looking for the future trend of bathroom design

[Reporter]: Paolo, hello. This is also the time last year, also in Shanghai, we talk about design, talk about products. One year has passed. What new and different feelings do you have when you come to China this time? You should also have visited the exhibition. What design and highlights are worth seeing this year?

[Dott.Paolo]: I am a design alumni and do products, so I may pay more attention to this aspect. From my point of view, Chinese products emphasize color more than European brands or designs. Especially for young consumers, the use of color is particularly important.

[Reporter]: So the use of color is a bright spot. Second?

[Dott.Paolo]: Yes, China's product design is more used in this regard. Europe tends to be simple in color, such as black, white or simple solid colors. But in European countries, the popularity of this color has also begun to become popular. Ten years ago, the design of European products, including the present, is not the same as the design of China. Last year in China, we made major changes in the form of products, and brought European fashion to China's design appropriately and skillfully. Combining two different fashions, such an attempt is very common in Europe.

[Reporter]: Is Sofia like this? Is the difference in color that Paolo said is so obvious?

 XTIME设计师 Sofia Ascoli

XTIME designer Sofia Ascoli

[Sofia]: It's quite obvious. I barely use gold or gold-plated products in Europe, but I have seen countless such products in China. I don't know. In China, the habit of using this element has only become popular in the past one or two years, or it has already existed. Because in Europe, I barely saw it.

[Reporter]: I just talked about color, so what about the overall design? Is there any obvious difference?

[Dott.Paolo]: In my opinion, now I prefer a streamlined, soft line design to decorate the home network, paying attention to the sense of line. Relatively speaking, some regular shapes or lines with relatively hard and angular design are relatively small.

[Reporter]: Is it only for China?

[Dott.Paolo]: Yes, this is some feedback from the Chinese market. But only in general, because many designers now consider fusion, with a soft streamlined style, supplemented by angular hard lines.

XTIME设计师 Walter Cagna
XTIME designer Walter Cagna

[Walter Cagna]: Basically, we will now consider how to blend the edges and the streamlines, and the boundaries between the two will be weakened. In China, designers and manufacturers can use more design to make products more streamlined.

[Reporter]: I especially want to know, in the eyes of professional designers, what is fashion? What kind of design and products can be called fashion?

[Sofia]: Actually, what I want to say is, what is fashion? What is the trend? This is really different in China and European countries. For example, in terms of materials, in Europe we emphasize a soft touch, so plastics or other mixed materials are often used, giving people a soft, soft feel. In China, everyone likes to use ceramic pieces. Ceramics will become a trend that will become popular around the world.

[Dott.Paolo]: Yes, the shower products can also be made of ceramics. Although it looks a bit hard, it can also be designed to make it beautiful.

[Sofia]: In Europe, we will see a lot of very beautiful products, the design is amazing. In China, in addition to the gold and gold plating I just mentioned, I also saw the use of Swarovski crystals on the products. This is a very good design idea and concept focus decoration home network, which is very interesting and worthy of attention. Design point. At the same time, this design also gave me inspiration, so that I have a very good new design concept, but I will not tell you here first, and then talk about my design, this is the current secret. New design concepts and products will soon be available to you. Therefore, design has also become a luxury. In China, many mediocre things will become opportunities.

[Dott.Paolo]: For me, green is a fashion. In Europe, the green effect is an intrinsic impulse, and you can't help but ask yourself to bring green to every piece of your own work. In the eyes of consumers, if such a thing is "green", then this product is healthy and environmentally friendly. However, from last year to this year, we have seen that China has also made a lot of efforts in this regard, and has also packaged this concept in different fields. More and more companies and designers are paying attention to this aspect. At the point of the green element, the concept of China and Europe is the same, but the time proposed by Europe is relatively early, and China has only begun to pay attention to this issue in the past two years.

XTIME技术师 Donata

XTIME Technician Donata

[Donata]: Water conservation is one of the aspects, whether it is in Europe or China, this is a very important issue. Especially in the last two years, China's sanitary products have improved rapidly in terms of water standards, and many products are doing very well in this regard. But from the perspective of saving water, it even exceeds many European brands.

[Reporter]: Walter, I want to hear your point of view. In your eyes, what kind of design is fashionable, is it sought after, is it in line with people's aesthetics and needs?

[Walter Cagna]: At, I saw some designs and products that I particularly like. The products reflect the designer's thoughts, and the products can tell consumers what he is thinking. In my opinion, many brands and products that are not displayed in China will follow such a development pace in production and brand promotion, and green, water conservation and environmental protection are important issues.

The integration of technology is to shorten the thinking time before use

[Dott.Paolo]: In short, in order to better implement these issues on products, we may not only emphasize a single material in the future. With ceramic parts, we can also join wood, plastic parts, We can also consider incorporating marble. Such innovation is also based on the pursuit of environmental protection, water conservation and energy conservation. Moreover, in this way, we can provide more options for potential users for the same taste.

[Donata]: This contains a lot of technical problems. We have seen that at this exhibition, there are many high-tech displays, which is a mainstream trend.

[Reporter]: Sofia, do you think that simple design and more and more diverse functions are contradictory?

XTIME设计师 Dott.Paolo Ghirnghelli

XTIME designer Dott.Paolo Ghirnghelli

[Sofia]: Yes, this combination is beyond doubt. As long as this function is required and added to the product as needed, it will certainly be well integrated with the design. The simple design emphasizes the shape of the product, while the function of the product emphasizes the user experience. In the case where the function is really needed, the two are not contradictory. Whether or not to add such a feature to the design, why insist on adding such a design is more to meet the needs of use. So, if this feature is acceptable to 80% of consumers, it is not inconsistent with minimalist design. Otherwise, it is superfluous. Technology is not a technical issue, but more a market issue.

[Walter Cagna]: Technology is to make life easier, and bathroom technology is to make bathroom life easier, rather than increase the user's thinking time.

[Reporter]: I heard an Italian designer say yesterday that when you talk about design, people naturally think of Italy. When you talk about technology, people naturally think of Germany. Do you agree with this statement?

[Sofia]: Do we think of Germany? Will we?

[Dott.Paolo]: Well, actually, when people talk about technology, we think of Asia, not Germany.

[Sofia]: Right, absolutely Japan, South Korea.

[Dott.Paolo]: Even China, but not Germany.

[Reporter]: Really?

[Dott.Paolo]: Yes, when it comes to technology, we don't think of Germany. When it comes to Germany, we think of classics. They are very rigorous, the best materials, the finest workmanship, but definitely not the best in technology. The German products give the impression that the lines are tough, big and heavy.

Can I find original designs in China?

[Reporter]: Some people say that it is difficult to find original things in China. What do you think?

[Sofia]: If it is not just a bathroom product from the design point of view, this is a problem that has long existed in China. In fact, you can see that the most famous buildings in China are usually designed by European and American designers. But at the same time, we also noticed that China is taking the pace of independent design. When I was at school, including in the design industry, I felt that China's design is not very mature at the moment, but I think that in the near future, when Chinese design reaches a critical point, Chinese design will call for more than Western countries. of. China is not yet a big design country, but it will be in the near future. At that time, we can only meditate on one sentence: God bless the European and American design.

[Dott.Paolo]: Maybe one day China's design pace will suddenly accelerate, but at least not yet. This can be returned to the issue of German design and technology. German companies have good management and production systems, such as GROHE in Germany.

[Walter Cagna]: Personally, China's design lacks communication with the surrounding, so the design is relatively closed. In Italy, design is a source of life, and we will go out and get in touch with a variety of consumers and people around us. Therefore, Italian design will draw more nutrients from the outside world.

[Donata]: This is why we are sitting here today, we are more willing to contact the outside world.

[Sofia]: In essence, I also think that good design is to be obtained through external stimuli, but also has its own unique style. China needs to find its own design style, and China needs to have its own original design. You have to repeat and remind yourself that you have to have your own design. China does not want to be a replica of Italy, but to be a replica of itself. You are China, you don't need to be a replica of Italy. We came to China today, not to help China become a copy of Italy, but to help Chinese brands find their designs.

In China, I also began to see a lot of innovative elements, Swarovski, gold-plated use, which is not available in Europe, but also worth learning.

[Walter Cagna]: In the traditional Chinese concept, it is better. In my opinion, this is not necessary, so in Europe, we emphasize that it is less. Just like the bottle of mineral water in my hand, you put crystal on the outside, gold plated, LED light, it is still a bottle of water, and what you attach, in fact, does not make sense for you to quench your thirst.

[Sofia]: But it is also a bottle of water, sometimes with external design elements, it is also a visual enjoyment. Plus crystal, with LED lights, such a bottle of water is very suitable for drinking in bars, dance parties, etc., which is very suitable. Therefore, I want to emphasize that the same product, used in different environments, may have different results. Whether the function is cumbersome, depends on the place, the environment, and the people around you.

Is there a mainstream trend in design?

[Reporter]: Before Matteo Thun said that Lu Dingji, the trend of the design industry is that there is no mainstream trend, and each design genre can produce good works. Do you think that there are any obvious trends in the design industry?

[Dott.Paolo]: Today's consumers are placing more and more stringent requirements on design. Coupled with the advanced work of Internet and TV, people can quickly and massively collect the information they want. Therefore, alumni records, different consumers can have different needs at the same time. In a period of time, some people think this is fashion, some people think this is rubbish.

[Walter Cagna]: As we just said, many large manufacturers will pay special attention to the sense of design and emphasize environmental protection and health. This is not your control over products and sales, but the designer's highest respect for the environment. Everyone's interpretation of fashion is not the same as Sogou. If you want to ask me what is the best, I can only tell you what I like the most.

[Dott.Paolo]: Fashion, usually requires innovation, but it is difficult to make innovation. For which elements are fashion elements and which are not, I think everyone has their own ideas, there is no clear boundary between them, and even the two can be integrated through design.

[Sofia]: It is difficult to distinguish from the details which are fashion 17173 and which are not. What we can do is to let consumers feel the different feelings of design through design.

[Dott.Paolo]: Europe is experiencing the European debt crisis. Consumers have high requirements on the price/performance ratio of products, and now the network information is developed. Consumers can find all the information they want from the Internet, even when you buy it. clear. This should undoubtedly be a challenge for designers.

[Donata]: Right to Sogou, so the price is very important. When you tap into the pre-microblogging network, the designer has been fully prepared for the manufacturer, including this year's hot words.

[Walter Cagna]: Nature will undoubtedly become a hot topic of the year, and the products have abandoned the original thick lines and dark colors. We use natural elements to make good designs.

The perfect bathroom space in the eyes of the designer

[Reporter]: For a professional designer, what is the perfect kitchen and bathroom space in your eyes?

[Dott.Paolo]: Open spaces will be popular, so life is not becoming more interesting? Unusable features are all removed. There are a lot of functions, you have to learn to choose the function that suits you best, and the rest are redundant.

[Reporter]: In your opinion, which functions are basic and which are redundant?

[Dott.Paolo]: I think the focus is on decorating the home network, or it depends on the individual. But there are also some guidelines, LED lights can be omitted.

[Sofia]: I think the thermostat function is very important, especially in the winter, which is also very important for saving water. Maybe one day in the future, when you walk into the room and clap your hands, all the work will be done by the bathroom products.

At present, my perfect kitchen and bathroom space has not yet appeared in the focus of home decoration network, which is why I am still in this industry. The environment of the kitchen and bathroom space I requested is very clean and clean. If there is a meeting, should it be ok? However, if you tell me that once the renovation, my kitchen and bathroom space will last for 5 to 10 years, then I really can't stand it because I am a person who likes to change. Every once in a while, I and I will have our own soup and pack our own bags. I hope that my bathroom space can achieve my purpose of decoration and change at any time. I think the network is super girl, design is a process, there are first, second, and third steps... However, we have to make a good idea before the design drawings come out, what to do in the first step, what to do in the second part, Conducted in an orderly manner. My visual life needs to change. I was originally a changeable person.

[Walter Cagna]: My perfect space must be the space for the lover to feel love, because she is the longest person in the kitchen space. We spend a lot of time washing every day, and this time period has to be our private space.

[Reporter]: Ok, thank you four.

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