The survey of the state of the furniture industry is still unrelenting

In 2012, the sound of sorrow in the furniture industry continued. The industry, associations and media all discussed the market situation this year. What is the environment of the furniture market this year? At the three major furniture fairs, NetEase Home surveyed and surveyed industry professionals, including enterprises, including dealers, with the theme of “2012 Furniture Fever Survey”, to obtain first-hand data, to analyze the latest trends in the industry and to measure the furniture entrepreneurs. Market confidence. The survey collected a total of 161 valid samples, divided into 12 major options, mainly focusing on the confidence of entrepreneurs in the industry, the assessment of the status quo and the prospects and initiatives for the future of the company.

Entrepreneurs are still full of confidence and optimistic about the development prospects of the furniture industry

As a survey of the industry's economic situation, the first thing we want to know is the entrepreneurs in the furniture industry, how confident they are in the development of the industry. Entrepreneurs stand on the front line of the market, knowing and ignoring themselves. If they feel the warmth of the spring, then the overall trend of the whole industry. In 2012, whether China’s economy is hard landing is still unknown. Mao Yuqi repeatedly expressed concern that China’s real estate market regulation is difficult to loosen, and Ren Zhiqiang said that house prices will skyrocket after one and a half to two years. By then, more The uncertainties will affect the direction of the furniture industry that is closely related to the real estate industry. “Is the home industry facing a severe crisis of survival in 2012” and “What is your view on the current development trend of the furniture industry?” These two questions will be based on the confidence of furniture practitioners to see how their responses are universal. Mentality.

The survey results show that 42% of entrepreneurs still have great confidence in the future environment and can live very well. I believe that enterprises will continue to make some progress. Cautious and objective, we believe that we can overcome difficulties and maintain a balanced development of 40%. Confidence orientation has two options for negative tendencies. People who think that 2012 will lose money, or even live a doubt, add up to 18% of the two options.

Regarding the current development trend of the furniture industry, 35% said that the prospects are promising and full of confidence, and believe that the market is currently in a downturn, but it is also 35% soon. It shows that 70% of the industry are still optimistic about the industry trend. I believe that the environment will become even worse, but still choose to stick to 25%, ready to launch the industry, and another way out of 5%.

The furniture industry has become more and more bad

Since the middle of 2011, there have been countless furniture industry people, store people, media people, industry associations, and numerous times to emphasize that the current industry environment is very bad, the entire furniture industry has been in the cold winter, urgently need to break the ice, and urgently need to be transformed and upgraded. What is the actual situation? Furniture people are warm and self-aware, but is the whole industry as you feel? Is it the same for other peers when you feel that you are in a cold winter and trembling? We will grasp these issues through the market performance of the opening year, the rise and fall of the rental of the store and the difficulty of recruitment, the capital reserve, the turnover situation and the budget for participating in the furniture exhibition. What is the current market environment facing the furniture companies? Being able to truly assess the environment in which it is located is undoubtedly the primary condition for overcoming suffering.

Compared with the same period of last year, the number of companies with progress was 31%, and the performance was flat with 32%, while those with sales decreased by 15% accounted for 13% of the total, and the number of companies that fell by nearly 30% accounted for 24%. . Although the annual opening season is the traditional off-season of the furniture industry, according to our survey data, there are not a few companies facing this year's “lighter than the off-season” situation, and 37% of companies with further sales growth compared with last year. Fortunately, 31% of companies are better than last year. This should also be the main reason why quite a few business owners did not produce obvious negative emotions.

Looking at the trading situation in 2012, what is the difference compared with the same period last year?

The store is called “landlord” in the home industry. The tenants’ income is always related to whether the “landlord” is open or not. Our investigation certainly has the option of selling the rent trend. The results of the survey are quite frustrating. 60% of the furniture industry people say they are facing rising store rents, while only 2% of the stores are fortunate enough to meet the owners who are willing to reduce rents. In the case of weak market demand, the rise in rents undoubtedly poses a further threat to the survival of dealers.

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