Rescuing the lazy bed family's sleepy whim

For the working people every morning, getting up in the morning is a very painful thing. Although the alarm clock has been ringing many times, but the body is lazy on the bed board, what can be the tiredness of sleeping behind you? Okay? Is it really necessary to go to work with a bad face? The next lesson teaches you to take up ten minutes to get a skin care treatment, so that you have a rosy color all day!

Rescuing the lazy bed family's sleepy whim

Countdown 10 minutes: Inverted and refreshed for 1 minute

When you open your eyes in the morning, you only know that you don't want to get up. At this time, take off your pillow and make a back up, 30 seconds, and do two groups.

In this minute, your skin will wake up every cell of the skin because of the bloody smoothness of the inverted, and the activated cells bring high-efficiency metabolism, so that the skin can remove the darkness.

Countdown 9 minutes: towel hot for 30 seconds

No matter whether you are working overtime or staying up late last night, the darkness of the morning skin can't escape. After a one-minute warm-up, take a 30-second hot towel to heat the skin and further consolidate. Improves dull skin care results.

The skin that gets up early is inevitably edema and dull. Using a hot towel to heat the skin and fully open the pores is actually a process of letting the toxins and wastes out.

Countdown 8 minutes and 30 seconds: thoroughly cleanse the skin for 1 minute

You must not neglect the early cleansing of the skin, because the toxins and waste in your body stay on the surface of the skin. If you do not remove it in time, it will make your face dark all day long. It is impossible to cover more foundations and concealers.

It is enough to use 2 minutes to clean the skin. When you clean the skin early, remember that the skin can't be chilled and not overly irritated. Wash it with mild running water, and the protective film on the skin surface will not be destroyed.

Countdown 7 minutes and 30 seconds: apply a water film for 5 minutes

Countdown 2 minutes and 30 seconds: moisturizing lotion + massage for 2 minutes

Next, the third step of the basic skin care--moisturizing lotion, after the skin is cleaned and toned, the water and nutrients added to it need a layer of protective film-like substance to lock the moisture and nutrition. . Pay special attention to the fact that in the morning skin, the blood flow is not smooth enough. After the lotion is moisturized, proper skin massage can not only make the absorption better, but also make the complexion more rosy.

In the spring season, remember to hydrate the skin. After a series of skin-removing procedures, get a paper film and apply the toner to the face with toner. It will definitely make you 5 minutes. The skin is greatly upgraded to a level.

In fact, applying a water film to the skin has replaced the second part of the basic skin care - the skin care effect of toner. And the coverage of the mask, the skin like a quilt, will be better than the normal use of lotion nutrition.

Countdown to 30 seconds: Examine your beautiful self for 30 seconds

A confident woman is the most beautiful, so after 9 minutes and 30 seconds of skin care every day, use the last 30 seconds to look at yourself in the mirror. Look at your skin today and yesterday is no different, where there is a acne, where a blackhead emerged. This step is absolutely essential!

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