Adjusting the biological clock every day has a beauty

Sleeping beauty can make you beautiful, which is a well-known thing. In order to make themselves beautiful, the MM of the night cat family is trying to adjust their biological clock and strive to go to bed before 10 o'clock to sleep. There is a saying on the Internet that "I don't sleep before 2 o'clock, it's shameless; I don't sleep before 4 o'clock, I don't want to die!" How much do you know about the beauty of beauty?

Adjusting the biological clock, every day has a beauty

Beauty sensation instead becomes ageing

We all know that skin aging is due to the presence of free radicals. Because free radicals are strong oxidants, they can weaken and destroy the cells that make up the skin. Although new cells will replace damaged cells, they are about 35. After the age, the skin cells are destroyed faster than the new cells, causing the collagen cells to maintain the youthfulness of the skin to gradually wear out. The cells in the dermis lose tension and the fibers supporting the skin are destroyed and broken. Wrinkles will be produced. Therefore, after the age of 35, even if the body itself will perform detoxification during sleep, if the anti-oxidant night skin care product is not used, the skin will still age as usual, and the skin with no care will fall asleep, which may cause the skin to swell. dry.

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