Beauty Makeup 4 Pieces Create Oxygen Beauty Fan

In the warm spring, things are changing quietly, and your makeup needs to change, so that you can reflect the most beautiful in the spring. The makeup of spring must match the fresh qualities unique to this season. A transparent, natural yet delicate pink makeup like Wengen Ying is a perfect fit.

Modified natural eyebrow

Create Wengen Ying oxygen beauty fan

Point1: Modify natural eyebrows

The thrush is also a meticulous, natural and unobtrusive eyebrow that can adjust the face shape and make the eyes more vivid.

key point:

1 The color of the eyebrow pencil is as close as possible to the hair color, and the outline of the eyebrow is drawn.

Make the eyebrows even

Create Wengen Ying oxygen beauty fan

2 The eyebrow brush is gently brushed along the “brows → eyebrows → eyebrows” to make the eyebrows even.

3 Use the eyebrow comb along the brow to the end of the eyebrow, and brush the eyebrows from the bottom to make the eyebrows look more natural.

Clear curl eyelashes

Create Wengen Ying oxygen beauty fan

Point2: clear net curling eyelashes

The fresh oxygen makeup doesn't need heavy ink, and the most beautiful part of the eye is in the natural curling eyelashes. When applying mascara, try to keep the overall makeup simple and clean.

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