Evaluation: Environmentally durable and durable Yusen Wood veneer

Comment: Material

The thicker the sheet thickness, the better the durability. After the construction of the paint, the solid wood feels strong, the texture is clearer, and the color is more vivid and saturated. The method for discriminating the thickness of the sheet is to observe whether there is sand penetration or colloid in the side of the board, and whether the coating is tested for pan-green or bottom-through, and if the above problem exists, the skin is usually thin.

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Good substrate

The material of the bottom plate is better with willow wood, and the market is mostly poplar core. To determine specifically: look at the weight of the bottom plate, most of them are willow wood or other hard wood, light is poplar; second look at the color of the plate, very uniform white or medium plate is covered by dyeing and generally treated as poplar. Whether the three kanbans are warped and deformed, can be erected vertically, and the flatness occurs when the flatness is flat or the board is soft and not sturdy.

Durable substrate is good

It can be judged from the aspects of slice cutting and splicing and affixing, seaming treatment, defect repairing process, sanding defect, floor defect and other appearance damage and pollution. Generally, the visual acuity is visually measured at a distance of about 1-1.5 meters, and the process defects, the floor defects, the human damage, and the polluters are not affected, and the apparently visible and serious defects are generally reduced to one level or qualified.

Good substrate

The surface texture is clear and the arrangement rules, the appearance, the color coordination are excellent, the color is uncoordinated, the irregular color difference which is harmful to the appearance, and even the discoloration and blackening are reduced to the first-class or qualified. Natural defects such as black spots, thrift, etc., are generally under normal light source, visually measured by a normal vision of 1.5-2 meters, and no natural defects that are harmful to the aesthetic decoration are considered as excellent products. It should be reduced to a first-class product, and those with more serious defects should be reduced to qualified products. In addition, there are brands, quality inspection certificates, standardized packaging, level standards in line with national standards, and veneers produced by regular manufacturers are important prerequisites for the first four standards.


Spunlace Nonwoven


Viscose&polyester (70%viscose&30%polyester,60%viscose&40%polyeater,etc.)

The ratio according to your request.





The size according to your request,in piece or in roll.




PE bag,OPP bag,shrink film with brand&logo,carton. Or to customer`s requirement.


1.Super absorbent(such as water,oil,blood and other liquid)

2.Soft touch, easy to clean and dry, and lint-free after cleaning

3.Very hygiencial,reusable and durable

4.Eco-friendly. recyclable and 100% degradable

5.Super deal


Nonwoven cleaning cloths are widely used in household(kitch,bathroom, furniture toilet,floor,dishes),hotel,hospital,hotel and office,etc.

You can wipe anything that you want to,since it`s soft enough.


Soft texture, clean without scratches, no injuries while cleaning surface.
Easy off and dust is low.
Good capacity and strong dust and very effective.
Non-adhesive in live with national standards: healthy and safe.
It's economical than paper towels and outperform sponges, wipes and dish towels can be used for many jobs in and around home.
Application: it is super efficient in sweeping dishes, tea set, cooker and all wares of metal, plastic and glass. And it is also widely use to clean furniture, doors and windows. It is ideal as gifts for promotion.
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Polyester & Viscose Spunlace

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