How do small and medium-sized printing companies calculate the investment cost of CTP machines?

Whether to choose to add CTP direct plate making machine has always been a problem that small and medium-sized printing companies are more entangled. The benefits of CTP are naturally clear, but the one-time investment in purchasing CTP is also a decision for companies, especially small and medium-sized Indian companies. How do you measure the ratio between the one-time investment of CTP machines and the value created? If you add a complete CTP solution configuration, how long can you recover the cost? We might as well make a comparison between the press and the consumption of the plate.

Many SMEs are printing machines bought by mortgages. The one-hour "cost" of a machine is equivalent to 1400 yuan. Suppose the company changes 500 sets a month (1030 * 770 specifications), it takes about 30 minutes to transfer a PS version, and 500 sets is almost 250 hours. If you are using a CTP platesetter, it only takes about 15 minutes to transfer the set, which greatly shortens the transfer time. By the way, turning a set saves 15 minutes, which means you can save 125 presses a month. According to the one-hour machine cost of 1400, this is reduced by 170,000.

Calculate the material fee, 35 yuan / m2 (film) + 25 yuan / m2 (PS version), combined with traditional plate making 60 yuan per square meter; and CTP version of the first-line brand (such as Kodak CTP version) only 46 yuan / m2 (second line The brand is around 40), saving 14 yuan per square meter of material, and saving 2,200 thousand in 500 sets. This can save 197,400 yuan per month, and has not calculated the labor cost saved. In addition, if the Kodak CTP platesetter is used, the time required for the ink balance can be greatly saved due to the superiority of the square spot. As for the start-up color-saving and time-saving paper, these are not counted. Calculated, investment can be returned in half a year, and then it is profitable. In addition, the quality of CTP outlets is much better than that of film making, and the printed works are much more competitive, and the cost is reduced.

Of course, these data are not, just hope to have a reference for companies that want to use CTP machines. The specifics must be determined according to their actual situation.

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