Analysis and detection of paper diseases

Paper treatment is the daily basic work of paper machine operators. The definition of paper disease is also very wide. Any defect that is unfavorable to the use of paper can be called a paper disease, but in my opinion, what we call paper sickness actually refers to the appearance.

Several methods for analyzing paper diseases

Cycle method: Because many paper diseases are produced on equipment, most of our own equipment are rotating shafts. They all have a certain period of motion. By measuring the interval between paper diseases, we can find out the root causes of paper diseases.

2. Material confirmation method: There will be some similar paper diseases on paper sheets, but their origins are different.

Department of paper prone to paper disease

The key part of the web wet sheet formation is also the root cause of many paper diseases. The common paper diseases in the network department mainly include the following aspects:

1. The spinning of the wire in the net department is one of the main causes of paper disease. When it is light, there will be a paper hole at the edge of the paper, or there will be a cracked edge. When it is heavy, it will cause a paper break. The sloshing of slurry is generally due to the fact that the edge of the core is not clean (net width top net> core net> surface net> bottom net), and the core net edge is not clean due to bad adjustment of the punching water, or it may be Due to the fluctuation of the liquid level in the white water tank outside the machine, the turbulence of the forming wire may be lost at the leading angles of the top wire and the core wire. This is because the pulp at the wire edge collects too much and is copied at a high level. Pay special attention to the paper type.

2, water needle: water needle can be said to be a key to the paper machine, to his special care to be careful. First of all, the pressure of the water needle should be appropriate. If it is too big, it will splash the slurry. If it is too small, there will be danger of cutting. In the process of the paper, attention should be paid to the change of the pressure of the water needle. When pulling the water needle to adjust the width of the needle, it should be slow and steady.

3, Department of high-pressure water network: Net Department of high-pressure water is responsible for cleaning, if the high-pressure water blocking, forming the network will be blocked by fine fibers and resin. The dehydration of the net department caused the curtain disease (white bar).

4, spray starch tube: spray starch tube is easy to produce paper disease, starch, small bright spot (because of the pressure of spray starch is too large), sometimes the pressure of the starch is too small to spray the starch into a fog, and Drop-shaped, this will also cause continuous starch paper on paper.

5, the Department of the Ministry of the vacuum adjustment: the vacuum of the Ministry of network should pay attention to the adjustment of the vacuum of the wet suction box, to ensure that the back of the pool of white water back flow: adjust the vacuum to pay attention to the location of the water line; paper transfer vacuum box vacuum Be sure that sticking will occur if the sheet is not peeled off.

There are many factors that can cause paper sickness in the net department. Slurry on the rack, and pulp accumulation, especially on the suction box panel, can also cause paper disease.

Problems that can easily be caused by the streaming department If the streaming department uses a fully-enclosed system, pay attention to the following points:

1. To ensure the normal operation of the pressure screen and de-sanding device, if the de-sanding device is blocked, it may cause the dust in the sheet to increase.

2. Pay attention to the stability of the liquid level in each tank of the flow delivery department (usually because of the problem of the valve), otherwise it will cause quantitative fluctuation of the paper sheet.

3. In the process of changing the paper type, the pressure of the air cushion and the opening degree of some air valves may be adjusted. After adjustment, attention should be paid to the fluctuation of pressure. Usually, the anti-displacement should follow the level of the tank. If the level is insufficient, the use of anti-offset will be affected.

4. Do not mix the slime on the rack into the system. In the large cleaning, be sure to thoroughly clean the rack. Empty the sewage. When the system is cleaned, some dead spots on the top of the headbox must be cleaned. clean.

Based on the above problems, some of the common paper diseases in the flow delivery department are: slurries, dust, and quantitative fluctuations in the system.

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