[Cycling Class]: A Brief Discussion on the Poverty Edition of Bicycle Travel Raiders

First, knowledge articles

Cycling travel is a way of outdoor sports. Traveling in this way has the advantage of freedom of movement and exuberance. You can enjoy travel simply and happily, view landscapes along the way, and have extensive and close contact with customs, history and geography!

You can have 11,000 reasons to start a bicycle trip yourself, but for whatever reason the travel itself is powerless. When you finish the trip, you will realize that it is a kind of wealth. The original reasons are not Set up again! The most important thing is to look at the travel correctly. The most important thing is the feelings he brings to you. The changes that he has brought to your attitude to life have been memorable and memorable. It is best not to have other purposes! At the same time, I remind you of the asses who are about to step into this ranks. It is very addictive to ride on a bicycle. When you leave the hustle and bustle of the city, you will shuttle through the farmland and the mountains. The breath of air will bring you the fragrance of mud and flowers, and you will be reluctant! Never stop seditious when you stop

Second, equipment articles

Personally think that equipment is never the most important, of course, many professional players are very sophisticated equipment, very expensive, they have their own fun! I don't have to envy them. As a poor person, I almost don't look at equipment on the Internet. I've watched my psychology itch and I'm so bitter in my baggage that I can't live with myself! The poor have their own equipment and their own happiness!


This is the basic tool for travel. The most important thing in the journey is life, followed by your car! The slum voters must abide by the principle of economy and practicality. "Does not ask for the best but only for the most expensive." That is the goal of those oxen and fortune rich. We want to benefit, and the cheaper the better based on the applicable, so it is better to find a few people to ask before you buy a car, usually you Old donkeys are familiar with the local car shop, or are familiar with the Taobao site on the Internet. If they get their help, you will save money and worry! However, if the equipment enthusiasts, then you will be miserable, count the number, the pocket of silver is not enough to buy a wheel!

It is recommended that novices buy a brand of about one thousand yuan. The reliable brands in the country are nothing more than Amini, Giant, and Merida. Many other famous and unnamed brands have a large gap between them. Novices are not familiar with parts and maintenance. Choose a brand car can make the vehicle more reasonable, there is a certain degree of after-sales service guarantee!

The choice of model depends on your driving route. The adaptability of mountain bikes is beyond doubt; the wagon is a choice of moderation; the road is lighter, but the requirements on the road surface are too high. If you have been on the national road, you will not go far and away. The place is OK! A thousand or so cars can only be said to be enough, but it cannot be said that this price can not fly up mountains, and the highway can't speed up. In fact, you have chosen an economical and durable all-terrain vehicle!

If you do not want to invest in the car, then choose the traditional "28" to travel, dozens of pieces can be bought, broken and easy to repair, accessories are easy to find, you can load, the speed is not slow!


Must be ~! The role of the helmet is often overlooked, and he is very important. Wearing a helmet is like buying insurance. It is best not to use it. When it is used, it is dangerous. Maybe you will not be in a dangerous situation even if you ride for 20 years. You may be in danger when you ride a car for a day, so don't be arbitrarily at any time. I didn't care about this issue for a moment, until the companions on my way to the road were hit!


Like Bethune's medicine chest, this equipment evolved from horseback! To buy a finished product to a few hundred dollars, if you modify the cheaper, buy two or three military backpacks, modify it, count the processing fee, there are 100 yuan can get it, and it is also waterproof! If you look like a soldier, then the barracks green bag may bring you some convenience on the road! If you don't bring a lot of things, a backpack will suffice. Don't carry it back. Your shoulders and backs can't stand. Use elastic rubber ropes to hold it in the back seat. Don't use a rope. All will be loose, throwing one or two things is enough for you to cry, taking things is not easy! The elastic rubber rope is the kind of motorcycle. There is a 2--3 block in the general market!


All are very heavy things, so be streamlined. Take me as an example, two live spanners (10-15 yuan), abortion screwdrivers (3 10 yuan), multi-purpose screwdriver (base model hexagon, flower screwdriver, flat screwdriver, spoke wrench, etc. 25 yuan), A Mini pump (20 yuan), spare tire (a 10 yuan), multi-purpose utility knife (including pliers, awl, knife, screwdriver, screwdriver, measures, etc., friends sent 100 - 200 yuan).

Code table:

The eight new functions of the Sigma 800 and cat eyes are all around 120 yuan. With instant speed, average speed, maximum speed, total mileage, current mileage, calories burned, riding time, time, a few features, waterproof is good! There are also dozens of car watches that have less functionality, but they are also good enough to use for waterproof performance. If you are too poor to be removed, there is a lot easier!

Map: A detailed map is a must-have item for travel. Don't save. The 30-odd national highway atlas is enough! This is not a luxury compared to GPS. Maps try to choose the new version, the clearer the better the roads at all levels, the best is the different color labels, the number of kilometers between each town!

Poor people's equipment is always simple, practical enough! However, the necessary equipment or to be willing to invest, or will bring you trouble on the road, then you may pay more!

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