Old Gu wine bottle collection fun

Gu Baoping, a citizen of Suzhou, has collected nearly 1,000 bottles of different shapes and textures for more than 30 years. It is no exaggeration to describe his home as a bottle museum. Now, the greatest pleasure of Lao Gu is to make wine bottles at home and create archives for each bottle of wine. Sometimes a jug of tea is soaked in to savor the story behind the bottle.

Gu Baoping's small study wall display stands full of colorful bottles. The shapes of these bottles vary, with a large foot 70 centimeters tall and a small 6 centimeters tall. The classical style wine bottles are elegant and exquisite, exquisite workmanship; and similar to the actual life craftsmanship: graceful classical beauty, longevity star crutches, Sanxingdui masks, sailing sailboats ... These bottles are not only unique Colorful, there are some bottles of calligraphy, paintings, poetry and other works of art, while the wine bottle also records the history of wine, allusions and many other information, has a rich cultural content.

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