Packaging and printing machinery, see Shanghai

In the packaging and printing machinery manufacturing industry, there are several cluster zones that have developed particularly prominently in China, such as the Guangdong region, Shanghai region, Shandong region, and Hebei Dongguang, Wenzhou Ruian, etc. Although the development level of each region is uneven, Industrial clusters are familiar in China. Obviously, in many packaging and printing machinery industry bases, Shanghai is a very representative area. One of the cosmopolitan metropolises and economic centers in China has also gathered many excellent suppliers in the packaging and printing machinery industry.

After years of development, the Shanghai region has gradually formed an industrial pattern dominated by corrugated box printers and post-press processing equipment. In terms of corrugated box printers, there are companies represented by Shanghai Dinglong; in the post-press processing equipment such as die-cutting and pasting machines, Bobst, Yahua, Xuheng, Yaoke and Jinya are represented. Business. In other equipment, Shanghai also has a strong competitive edge. Not only did the domestic giant Shanghai Electric Printing and Packaging Group base itself in Shanghai, but the world's printing giant Heidelberg also set up a production plant in Qingpu, Shanghai in recent years. In addition, in terms of tile lines, there are Germany BHS; in the case of slitting and cross cutting machines, there are Shanghai Han irons; in corrugating rollers, there are Shanghai Dasong... All these companies, whether they are local or foreign, their level In the industry are among the top, and even some companies are one of the best in the industry. The exploration of the development of packaging printing machinery in Shanghai will help further understand the trajectory of the development and innovation of Shanghai manufacturing clusters. Through analysis, it is found that as a fertile ground for the rapid development of the packaging and printing industry, Shanghai has many conditions for the development of modern advanced packaging and printing cluster industries.

Shanghai's Development of Modern Packaging and Printing Cluster Industry

Industrial Foundation

When it comes to the industrial base for the development of the packaging and printing machinery industry in Shanghai, we must mention the carton printer cluster industry in Shanghai's Fengxian area. The development of carton machinery in Fengxian area has been brilliant, and there have been lost. As early as the early 1980s, Fengxian District had concentrated more than 20 carton machinery manufacturers, and it was rare that it was densely packed. Almost all countries in the country know that there is a place called Fengxian in Shanghai, and Fengxian's carton machinery is very powerful. However, with the development of social economy and the fierce competition in the market, some famous manufacturers such as Ping An, Qixian, and Central Asia have disappeared. Only Ding Long of Shanghai got out of Zhongya Machinery Factory through lending. newborn. Although the packaging and printing machinery manufacturing industry in Fengxian District experienced a loss, its former glory laid a very solid industrial foundation for the development of Fengxian and even the packaging printing machinery industry in Shanghai.

Talent gathering

The packaging and printing industry can be said to be a highly competitive industry. There are many enterprises with uneven levels in this industry. The market competition between them is very cruel; but compared with other large-scale assets such as real estate In terms of industry, the packaging and printing industry appears to be a little “small”, which does not mean that this is an industry with low technology content and easy to do. In fact, the technical content of packaging and printing machinery is extremely high. It is not an easy task for any company to quickly reach the top of the industry. In the development of the entire industry, technology and talent have become the key. As an international metropolis, Shanghai has gathered a large number of outstanding talents for packaging and printing. They are constantly adding to companies and industries to contribute to the rise of the industry. They also implement modern enterprise management and technology upgrades for the Shanghai packaging and printing industry. Provides ample talent pool.

Demand growth

Shanghai is located at the front of the Yangtze River Delta. The Yangtze River Delta is the largest urban dense belt in the eastern coastal areas of China. The cities in the region are closely linked with each other, and have a high level of economic cooperation. They are the traditional economically developed regions and foreign trade bases in China, and are national Important economic core area. With the support of economic growth and national policies, rapid development has been achieved in recent years. The world’s top 500 companies have settled in Shanghai one after another. Shanghai’s neighbors, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, have achieved rapid development in social and economic development since the reform and opening up. The increasing demand for printing has created conditions for the development of packaging and printing machinery. In addition, with the formal opening of the Shanghai World Expo and the settlement of Disney in Pudong, it also provided a powerful opportunity for the further development of the packaging and printing industry in Shanghai. The State Council decided that by 2020, it will establish Shanghai as an international financial center that is compatible with China’s economic strength and RMB international status, and an international shipping center with global shipping resources allocation capabilities, which will also bring about the development of the Shanghai packaging and printing machinery industry. Major development opportunities.

Business cost

Shanghai is an economic city and old industrial base. Relatively complete basic industries and infrastructure, relatively mature skilled workers, and strong manufacturing industry culture and commercial culture all provide technology and industry for the development of modern packaging and printing machinery industry. basis. At the same time, business costs are the basic conditions for the rapid development of the packaging and printing machinery industry in Shanghai. In order to reduce business costs and enhance the competitiveness of foreign capital, Shanghai has launched hundreds of projects and will build a 173-square-kilometer “competitive business cost reduction pilot zone” in the suburbs of Jiading, Qingpu and Songjiang to reduce land prices and other hard business costs. At the same time, it is proposed to build a “highland” for government services here. For example, in the Qingpu Pilot Park, the “green channel” for project approval is implemented, with one shipment, sub-approval, limited-time processing, and reduction of charges, so that the project approval rate is 30% faster than the general situation. A series of measures have enabled these suburban counties to gain access to a large number of foreign packaging and printing machinery manufacturing companies, such as German BHS, Bobst Group, Heidelberg, and Xuheng Ironworks.

Corrugated box printing press is quite large

In the past, China's packaging and printing industry was basically dominated by state-owned and collective enterprises. By the 1990s, "three foreign-funded" enterprises had entered the Shanghai area and private enterprises had risen. Carton printer manufacturers in Shanghai, including Dinglong, Jinchang, Zhaochang, Yinhuang, Benxin, Qisheng, etc., have a large number of carton printer manufacturers familiar with the industry and are concentrated in the Fengxian area. It is not difficult to find these companies. Are mainly private enterprises.

In that year, there were three major industries in Fengxian area, food machinery, washing equipment, and carton machinery. Today, food machinery and washing equipment have gradually fallen behind the passage of time. Carton machinery, after years of rigorous ups and downs, eventually formed a relatively mature industrial cluster represented by Shanghai Dinglong.

Shanghai Dinglong Machinery Co., Ltd.

There is a saying in the carton machinery industry that it is called "Shang Ding Long and South East". It is said that Shanghai has Shanghai Dinglong Machinery Co., Ltd. and Nanhai has Foshan Nanhai Dongfang Carton Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. As one of the two manufacturers of well-known carton printers in the industry, the reputation of Shanghai Ding Long is evident. Shanghai Ding Long was founded by Ding Genlong in 1996. He has been working in the carton printing machinery industry for more than 40 years and is a legendary figure. Ding Genlong, who decided to devote his life to carton mechanics since he was 16 years old, is destined to occupy an extremely important position in the development history of Chinese carton machinery. On the one hand, the establishment of Shanghai Dinglong provided the model and reference for the successive launch of other similar companies in Fengxian area. On the other hand, Ding Genlong, the “digger”, created in a certain sense some of the creation of many carton machinery manufacturers. condition. Therefore, through careful inspection, it is not difficult to find that there are numerous carton machinery factories in Fengxian area, which seem to be inextricably linked with Shanghai Ding Long. It is no exaggeration to say that Shanghai Dinglong has played a leading role in the development of China's entire packaging machinery, driving the rapid development of carton machinery in Shanghai and even China, partially replacing imported products, and raising the industry's printing level. The industry has brought economic benefits.

From 1996 to 2010, Shanghai Dinglong designed and developed new products to create more than a dozen domestic first, and obtained dozens of national patents. Shanghai Dinglong has launched a series of multi-color printing slotting machines such as ZPS, ZYK, ZYKS-X, INVOA, and VRIDA for the constantly changing and developing markets. These products are welcomed and favored by users at home and abroad. In particular, for some large companies and large groups to replace the original imported products, a large amount of procurement costs are reduced. Shanghai Ding Long has made very successful explorations in the development of the series of automatic printing slotting and die cutting linkage lines that are very popular and widely cited abroad. Only because of the different conception, the people of the country generally print the packaging of the products to the greatest extent possible. In this case, the foreign sales that strive for simplicity are very good. Over the past decade, Shanghai Dinglong has long established its position as the industry leader. While continuing to promote the development of the company itself, the goal of Shanghai Ding Long is also very clear. In the words of its marketing director Zhou Chundong, “Shanghai Dinglong has two goals that must be pursued. The first is to ensure that the company develops healthier. , Longer; second is to ensure that companies always occupy a strong position in the industry."

Shanghai Jinchang Carton Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Jinchang Carton Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was formally established in the 5 years of 2000 and the 10th anniversary of this May. Ten years ago, when Shanghai Jinchang was established, it faced a competition pattern of “6 tyrants and 3 small dragons”, such as Lake Beijing Mountain and Shanghai Electric. The company’s achievements today are not easy to come by. Today's success of today's Changneng is inseparable from the original use of electromechanical integration technology. The servo feed system is also a national invention patent. In 2004, Jinchang introduced the first built-in differential compensation round press die cutting machine in China; in 2005, Jinchang successfully developed the servo control leading edge feed printing press; in 2006, Jinchang successfully developed full servo control full vacuum Transfer printing press; In 2007, Jinchang's pressure-free leading edge paper was patented. The successful application of this technology led to the development of lightweight carton packaging, in line with the national environmental protection and low-carbon economy requirements; in 2008, today Chang introduced the latest technology in Europe and took the lead in the domestic printing with sixty-four network cables with a rubber roller even ink printer; in 2010, it also set a goal to achieve a higher network printing.

Qi Jianlin, general manager of the company's future goals for the company is very clear, that is to enter the domestic top three. This is not an easy-to-achieve goal, but it is the driving force behind Jinchang’s continued efforts in the future. At present, the company's existing plant area of ​​15,000 square meters, has been the acquisition of land 53,000 square meters, the new plant's design capacity of 250 million yuan, still dominated by carton printing press products, doing fine and strong is the established development goal of the current Chang.

Shanghai Chaochang Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

Speaking of Shanghai Chaochang Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., what impresses people most is its modern and spacious office building, factory building, and brand water printing presses that have been introduced continuously. Shanghai Chaochang developed the original corrugated carton printer and developed the "fixed unit" PAF and "Shenlu" series machines. It fully utilized the advanced technology and process reliability of every technology, thus maintaining the Corrugated box processing equipment leading position. In the company's development over the years, Shanghai Chaochang actively took measures to stabilize product production, improve product efficiency, and increase customer profits. The company's non-lifting plate roller type leading edge feed system has obtained national invention patents, breaking the traditional import situation of high-grade printing machine feed systems for domestic packaging machinery relying on imports.

At present, the company already has a production system of product research and development, mold manufacturing, spare parts processing and complete machine production. At the same time, we will continue to strengthen the construction of software, constantly improve and strengthen the internal management system, improve product quality, establish credit management, and enhance service awareness. In addition to domestic sales, the company's current products are also exported to the EU, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia, South Africa and other countries and regions. For the future of Shanghai Chaochang, the general manager Chen Jianping is full of confidence. “The company will go all out to meet the needs of customers, through the innovation of equipment, development and perfect after-sales service, to bring rich returns to new and old customers.”

In Fengxian area, in addition to Shanghai Dinglong, Shanghai Jinchang and Shanghai Chaochang, there are also many excellent manufacturers of carton printing machinery, such as Shanghai Yinhuang Carton Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanghai Benxin Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Chunyun. Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., as well as Shanghai Qisheng Packaging Machinery Factory and Shanghai Fengxian Tairi Machinery Factory have all developed very impressively, and their respective markets are not the same. The purpose of the development of Shanghai Yinhuang is not to quantify, but in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Yinhuang's equipment sold very well. Shanghai Benxin's equipment has entered the Vietnam market and has a certain reputation in Vietnam. The prosperity of the packaging industry has led to the rapid development of these companies, and their future achievements will not be the same. Because of the collective rise of these companies, Fengxian carton machinery has become a cluster industry, making them occupy a very important position in China's carton mechanical layout, which has become the pride of the carton machinery manufacturing industry in Shanghai.

Postpress processing equipment first-class

Unlike the carton printers, which are mainly based on private companies, in terms of postpress equipment, whether it is a "three-funded" enterprise with international advanced concepts and successful management experience, it is still full of vitality and market responsiveness. Private enterprises and joint-stock companies all occupy a certain percentage. The post-press equipment of the Shanghai region has gradually formed an industry structure in which various economic components such as state-owned, collective, private-owned, joint-stock, and “three-funded” coexist and thrive. In terms of the number and quality of companies, Shanghai has occupied almost half of the world in die-cutting machines and folder-gluers. Foreign companies include Bobst, Tanabe International, and Fuchu Paperwork. Well-known domestic companies include Shanghai Yahua, Xuheng Ironworker, Shanghai Yaoke, and Shanghai Jinya.

BOBST (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

As a pioneer in the global packaging and printing industry, BOBST Group's global leadership is undoubted. More than a dozen product lines of the Group, if they cannot be ranked in the top three in the industry, or even the top of the industry, will be eliminated. This also ensures that Bobst's equipment always plays a leading role in the industry. When China's packaging and printing industry talks about Bobst, there will always be a special feeling. Colleagues are proud to overtake Bobst, and users are proud to own Bobst's equipment.

Bobst's equipment first entered the Chinese market in the early 1980s, when the large-scale technical transformation of the Shanghai packaging and printing industry coincided with the purchase of Bobst equipment by a Shanghai company, which also became Bobst's presence in China. The first device. The second device was located in Wuxi, followed by Yunnan. With the import of BOBST equipment gradually into the Chinese people's horizons, BOBST's Chinese sentiment thus officially kicked off. Considering the feeling of “being unstoppable” for Chinese customers all the time, to provide them with more convenient and complete technical support and services in order to better bring them closer to Chinese customers and provide them with products that are more suitable for the Chinese market. (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. officially opened in May 1998. With the goal of "producing zero-defect products" and satisfying customers' needs, the company provides Chinese customers with a wide range of products and services. The earliest equipment for assembly production was the MEDIA folder gluer. With the gradual maturity of the Chinese market and the increasing acceptance of the Bobst brand for Chinese customers, the SPEvoline102 die-cutter was also assembled in China in 2004 to supply the Chinese market.

At the onset of the financial tsunami, BOBST’s performance in the overseas markets has been declining. The Chinese market alone stands tall and rises rather than fall. This shows that BOBST's initial decision was wise. With the rapid growth of BOBST (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., its position in the industry is increasingly important, and its products have gradually shifted from supplying only the Chinese market to supplying domestic and foreign markets. Currently, BOBST (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. launched the latest die-cutting machine equipment is the SP106E series die-cutting machine introduced in 2008, and LILA170 universal folder-gluer machine equipment is also in the 2009 Hua Ning PPI (Ningbo) corrugated box exhibition During the period of grand promotion to the market. BOBST equipment has always been characterized by the pursuit of high speed, high output, high efficiency, and high quality. Its purpose is to help users increase the added value of their products.

For more than a decade since entering the Chinese market, Bobst has been seeking further development. Just like the manager of Liu Bo of Bobst (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. said, “Boster is not perfect and Bobst still needs continuous improvement. Our customers are God, customers choose us, not we choose the market.The market is very large, all competitors are working hard, if you can not do better, then sooner or later will be eliminated.You only have to do One thing, in this market, always know the market first than your opponent, and take action first.” This is the attitude of the leader Bobst, perhaps it is this attitude that makes Bobst develop in more than one hundred years. China has always been at the forefront of the industry.

Japan Tanabe International Co., Ltd.

Compared with Bobst, who had set up a factory in China in 1998, the famous Tanabe company in Japan entered the Chinese market relatively late. It is also known to the industry in recent years. However, this does not prevent Tianbian's equipment from becoming the target of high-end users in the industry. Tanabe has always focused on the automatic folding and adhesive forming of corrugated cardboard boxes, and its technology is in the leading position in the industry. Tanabe's gluing machine can meet the demand for high-quality box making of various sizes, materials, irregular shapes, two-piece splicing, and Shuangfeida, and is widely used in the corrugated packaging manufacturing industry in Japan, Europe, and the United States.

The main product of Tanabe is the corrugated paper box with two splicing folding folder gluers. This machine adopts two pieces of chase dynamic splicing technology. It can realize symmetrical and non-symmetrical size, horizontal ruled and different materials and other corrugated paperboards with high speed and precision. Ground to the designated location. The machine is equipped with a number of proprietary technologies from TIANBIAN International: dual-drive paper feed system, MAS correction system, forming line shaping unit, etc., which ensure the forming size and surface finish of the color box, effectively overcome the flare phenomenon, and The folded edge of the box is corrected to be flat and straight. When using a single piece of paper, corrugated two-splicing folding folder machine can be used as a general corrugated folding folder machine.

Fuchu Paperworks (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of paper hard box production equipment, Fuchu Paper has a strong influence in the Japanese packaging industry. The company entered the Chinese market in 2000, but it is also a Japanese company, and it is also used in Japan. Cutting-edge technology, Fuchu Paperworks and Tanabe International have quite obvious differences in terms of products. Tanabe International is more focused on corrugated boxes, while Fuchu Papermakers are paying more attention to cardboard boxes. In 1987, the company launched its first fully automatic box model in Japan in 1987. The model was quickly and widely promoted in Japan, Korea, and India. In 1993, Fuchu Paper introduced the model. The second-generation fully automatic model uses the unit-type space cam transmission mechanism and the PC control system, and the stability and convenience of operation have been further improved. In 2009, Fuchu Paper introduced the TKZM-A600A cold glue automatic world box production line to Chinese customers. This model completely rewritten the traditional hot melt adhesive that was used for decades in the box equipment of the world. The new white dragon used in this machine. Cold glue is the result of labor of the company's technical staff after nearly 3 years. At present, the product line basically covers automatic hard box production line, semi-automatic hard box production line, automatic book cover manufacturing machine, automatic gluing machine, hard box molding machine, roll affixing machine, folding machine, automatic square corner pasting machine, single angle Sticking machines, special hot stamping machines for boxes, special automatic die-cutting machines for boxes and fully automatic cardboard slot machines, etc.

Shanghai Yahua Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.

"There are Yahua in the South and Yuyin in the North." This statement, which has been passed down for decades in the industry, confirms Shanghai Yahua's dominance in the post-press field. Established in November 1988, Shanghai Yahua is the first Sino-foreign joint venture in China's printing and packaging machinery manufacturing industry, one of the major manufacturers of printing and packaging machinery in China, and a designated manufacturer of packaging products in China. From 1988 to 1998, the manufacturer of die-cutting and pasting equipment with a larger domestic production capacity was not only Shanghai Yahua, but also Yuyin, and Shanghai Yahua had achieved rapid development during that time. Shanghai Yahua Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.'s "lion-seal" trademark was approved by the Shanghai Famous Trademark Accreditation Commission at the twelfth meeting, and was approved by the Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce as one of the 67 famous Shanghai trademarks.

In 2000, Shanghai Yahua participated in the drupa exhibition in Germany that was favored by users all over the world at drupa. At present, Shanghai Yahua's main products are MW1050YA automatic die-cutting machine, MW1450 automatic die-cutting machine, and ZH800B folder-gluer. Shanghai Yahua's ExoelC-102 series automatic die-cutting machine is the latest development of high-precision, high-speed and high-efficiency models. The maximum speed of the model is 7,500 sheets/hour, and the new pressurizing mechanism and paper feed intermittent mechanism are adopted. , Rotary gripper and other technology, in a high-speed operation to help ensure the stability and durability of the machine.

Shanghai Xuheng Tiegong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

In 1995, Cheng Zheng, who returned from overseas, formally invested in the establishment of Shanghai Xuheng Tiegong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Xu Heng Tiegong became one of the earliest enterprises in China to start manufacturing large-format corrugated automatic flattening and die-cutting presses. At present, Xuheng Tiegong has two modern factories, including a 20,000-square-meter modern factory completed in 2005 in Anting Automobile Industrial City, Jiading District, Shanghai. Currently, it is constructing the third modern plant, which will have a total factory area of ​​45,000. In terms of square meters, it has formed an all-round industrial capability with technology research and development, processing, assembly and pre-sales consulting, sales and after-sales service. The company's main products are Xuheng PE1620AII-Maxcut automatic flat die-cutting machine and lengthened feeder (for corrugated paper cutting), PE1620SAL/SHAL-Extra, PE2100S and other automatic flat die-cutting machine series; Constant / Po Chi 106CE, 1050/1450 automatic flat die cutting machine series, hot stamping machine; Xu Heng / Po Chi TA / TB automatic folder gluer series.

In terms of scale, Xuheng Ironworks is in the forefront of the industry. In terms of technology, the company also strives to lead. In 2009, the company's new R & D building is the best interpretation. At the same time, with the emergence of a variety of market needs, Xuheng Ironworks is also adjusting its product line in a timely manner. In early 2009, Xuheng Tiegong set up a joint venture with Cosdani of Italy and Xinka of Italy to establish Shanghai Xuheng Costine Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Xuheng Xinka Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The former specializes in manufacturing peripheral equipment and whole plant logistics systems used in the corrugated box industry, and has the ability to provide customers with the layout, planning, design, and distribution of whole plant logistics and peripheral equipment for new or existing plants, while the latter professionally manufactures fully automatic machines. And semi-automatic nail box machine. The role of automatic nail box machine in effectively reducing corrugated box production costs, labor costs, and improving economic efficiency is obvious.

The automatic nail box machine has been developed abroad for 20 to 30 years, and there are almost no similar equipment manufacturers in China. For Xuheng, this will become a bright spot for its future development. In 2009, Xuheng Ironworks also specially launched the 106CE automatic die-cutting machine for cigarette packs and kits. High-speed, high-precision, and multi-chucking make fewer dots.

Shanghai Yaoke Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.

Unlike other colleagues, Shanghai Yaoke is taking a technology purchase and deep cooperation with foreign companies. This is exactly what Wu Guanghui of Shanghai Yaoke feels most proud of. Shanghai Yaoke was officially established in 2003. At the time, Shanghai Yahua, Xuheng Tiegong and Tianjin Changrong, both of which were at the front, all occupied their respective markets with their own advantages and scale. Therefore, after entering this field, Shanghai Yaoke is positioned to always provide customers with the world's most advanced technology.

In early 2003, Shanghai Yaoke signed a technical and production cooperation agreement with Japan's most famous automatic die-cutting machine manufacturer, Ibaraki Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Japan. It introduced core technologies from IIJIMA and imported key parts, and cooperated with manufacturing and sales. IIJIMA brand new automatic die-cutting machine and hot stamping machine; later with the world's professional feeder manufacturer German MABEG company signed an agreement for the deployment of the most advanced German MABEG feeder for the IIJIMA brand machine; and then signed the technology with the Japanese Nikko Engineering company And the production cooperation agreement, the production of the NIKKO brand of die-cutting machines and hot stamping machines; followed by cooperation with the world’s first inventor of the window-laying machine, Kohmann, to produce window-smearing machines; and in 2008 it signed cooperation agreements with two French companies. OEM production.

At present, Shanghai Yaoke's flagship product is an automatic die-cutting and hot stamping machine with stripping. The product model is basically based on the 106 series, and the old products have all been eliminated. After a period of development, the company gradually tends to diversify its products and is not limited to die cutting and hot stamping machines. At present, the sales volume of Shanghai Yaoke's inspection products, window covering machines and other products are very gratifying.

Jinya (Shanghai) Machinery Co., Ltd.

Jinya (Shanghai) Machinery Co., Ltd. really entered the field of vision of its peers in 2006. Prior to this, general manager Lin Ruixiang was an outstanding equipment designer. He has accumulated more than 30 years of professional experience, he has continuously developed and innovated, and continues to introduce a variety of high-performance practical and economical variety of flat presses, including 1050 automatic high-speed flat die-cutting. Machine series (produced in Taiwan), 1300 automatic flat press die cutting machine series (produced in Taiwan), 1620 automatic flat press die cutting machine series (manufactured by other manufacturers) and newly developed flat press flat 1650 automatic die Cutting machine series.

At present, Jinya (Shanghai) Machinery Co., Ltd. is stationed in Shanghai to build the SR-1650 series. The machine has been optimized and improved, using the latest technology, combined with practical experience, new design, precision manufacturing, dedicated to the latest generation of large-scale rapid and efficient automatic flat die-cutting machine. The maximum feeding size is 1650mm x 1200mm. The maximum operating speed can reach 5500 rpm. The SR-1650 Series Automatic Flat Press Die Cutting Machine currently has three models. SR-1650SL is suitable for processing F, E, B, C, A, A + B corrugated cardboard and color corrugated cardboard 0.7mm ~ 9mm. SR-1650S is suitable for F, E, B, C, A, A + B ordinary corrugated cardboard 0.7mm ~ 9mm, and will soon launch SR-1650TS suction paper-feed die-cutting machine, suitable for paper jam 0.1mm ~ 2mm and Corrugated board and color corrugated cardboard 0.7mm~6mm.


With the sustained and healthy development of the Shanghai economy, Shanghai is developing into an economic, financial, trade, and shipping center in China. Relying on the talent advantages, scientific and technological advantages of Shanghai, and the advantages of industrial development, Shanghai's packaging and printing machinery has made rapid progress. Development, and is developing toward high, refined and sharp. With the vigorous development of Shanghai's economy and the flourishing of modern service industry, Shanghai will inevitably have more excellent packaging and printing machinery suppliers in the future. A large number of high-quality packaging and printing equipment will be sold by Shanghai to all parts of the country and even the rest of the world. It will greatly promote the high-quality development of the packaging printing industry in the Yangtze River Delta and throughout the country.

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