Teli wood furniture: simple and interesting

Telimu, also known as "iron pear wood", is the southernmost of China, both in Guangxi and Guangdong. Ironwood furniture has always played an obscure role in the furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Its number of survivors is not small, but in the related monographs, its quantity is always controlled to the least, although experts and scholars have no tribute to it. In fact, the status of the iron wood furniture has been very low, and it has not received the attention it deserves.

Ironwood furniture is the cheapest in hardwood furniture. According to historical records, some areas in the south use ironwood to cover houses. This is not found in other hardwood furniture materials. Expensive red sandalwood, huanghuali, wenge, mahogany, etc. have not been used to build houses in history.

Among hardwood furniture, Tilia is the most recognizable wood. The value of Telimu has not been high in history. In the past, very few people did fakes, and there were no businessmen seeking alternatives. Therefore, Telimu did not have the pseudo-problem often encountered in precious wood such as huanghuali, red sandalwood and chicken wing wood.

Tieliki subdivision can be divided into two types: thick wire iron wood and fine wire iron wood. The thick wire is the main material of the furniture, the color is dark brown, and sometimes it will appear black after use. The thick iron wood often cracks, but the cracks are generally shallow and the length will not exceed 20 cm. The brown eye is different from the direction of the truncation of the wood, and sometimes it is skein-like, and the distribution is uneven. The overall look of iron wood, wood grain is smooth, often showing a flowing water-like texture, and even the decoration is beautiful near the chicken wing wood, but it is essentially different from the chicken wing wood, that is, chicken wing wood light, iron wood weight; chicken wing wood brown eye Smooth and unobstructed, the iron wood brown eye silk into the meat. Knowing this, it should be said that identifying iron wood is not a problem.

Filaments are relatively small. Generally, the ratio of filament to iron and wood is ten to one. The furniture made of fine iron wood is slim and the shape is young, so it can be inferred that the wire is used later. The texture of the filament wood is sometimes similar to the chicken wing wood, and the details can be distinguished. After using it for a long time, the well-prepared iron wood furniture looks like mahogany, but it can't help but observe it carefully. Therefore, there is no problem in the determination of Telimu. You can identify it with a little learning.

In the furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, we can find examples of iron-wood furniture. There are many styles in Ming Dynasty. There is no doubt that the Ming Dynasty has made a lot of iron-wood furniture. Since the species was native to southern China, it was developed at the latest in the Ming Dynasty. The government and the public are using it extensively, or building houses, or making furniture that is inseparable from life. From the iron wood furniture we know, the typical Ming style furniture is everywhere, and the most simple and interesting.

After the middle of the Qing Dynasty, the excellent ironwood furniture was drastically reduced or even disappeared. This is not the material warning that it relies on, but rather the more complicated social reasons. The commoditization tendency of expensive furniture is increasing, and the bright red mahogany furniture is on the stage of history. Under the impact of the commercial, the iron-wood furniture of the quality is not favored by the impetuous society, and it is inevitable that it will go downhill. History must have limitations. We must understand every aspect of the furniture that the ancients used. The rosewood huanghuali furniture interprets the luxury of the court, the nobility, and the literati, representing the highest level that historical ancestors have achieved in this field; and this highest realm is made up of pieces like iron wood furniture. The foundation stone is piled up, and it is impossible to reach the highest peak without any reason. From this point of view, the ancient iron wood furniture is like an elder, telling the ancients a long and true story.

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