It is best to clear the indoor air pollution by "wind blowing"

Generally caused by pollution in paints or coatings, such as benzene, ammonia, etc., in the first two or three months of renovation, these harmful gases can be blown off by about 80% through ventilation and ventilation, and the pollution can quickly drop to A lower level. However, to achieve harmless standards, at least 10 months of ventilation. The formaldehyde pollution is mainly caused by the artificial wood panels for decoration. After we have made the furniture, we have carried out the construction of paint and so on, so it is difficult to "blow" off. The bright paint film is like a plastic bag placed on the surface of the board, and the formaldehyde is slowly released outward. The release period is as long as 3 to 15 years. For such a long time, we have been living in this low concentration of pollution. Even we may have adapted this kind of pollution odor in our daily life, only when we are not ventilated in winter and summer, we occasionally feel that there is still odor at home. This kind of adaptation or habit is quite terrible. When the family is inexplicably sick, it is also possible to wake up.

So, is it something to buy a formaldehyde scavenger that goes home and sprays everywhere? Spraying is very simple and can effectively reduce or eliminate harmful pollution in the air, but why does this odor appear after the spray? Spray again, the result is still similar. Some people may wonder if the effect of such products is deceptive. This is not the case, because you spray this kind of thing, just eliminate the free gas in the air, the source of the pollution is not solved, and of course it will be released into the air continuously; in addition, this chemical treatment may produce new The substance, whether there is secondary pollution is still uncertain. Therefore, instead of spending such money and not achieving the desired results, it is better not to spend a penny, open the doors and windows, ventilation and ventilation do not achieve the same purpose?

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