Shanghai Tobacco Industry Printing Factory Develops Quality Inspection Technology for Single-Sheet Packaging Prints

In order to meet the production needs of high-end packaging products, the Shanghai Tobacco Industry Printing Factory continuously improves product quality, improves delivery speed, reduces the labor intensity of manual picking by employees, prevents leakage of defective products, and achieves the zero feedback rate of Chinese brands proposed by superior companies. Claim. In recent years, it is actively developing sheet-fed printing inspection machines that use manual inspection to replace manual picking, and further stabilize product quality.

With the further improvement of the market economy and the steady growth of the national economy, the people’s living standards are gradually improving, and the rapid development of the packaging and printing industry has been promoted. In particular, fundamental changes have taken place in the structure of products. The low-end products develop in the direction of medium-to-high-end products, and the packaging is developed from ordinary economy to high-end packaging such as full-packages and hard-boxes. Meanwhile, other packaging materials also tend to be high-end and fine-scale development, which raises the printing quality, process technology, etc. The request.

For the inspection machine for sheetfed printing, the leaders of the Shanghai Tobacco Industry Printing Plant require stable and reliable equipment, simple and flexible operation, safe use, high speed, complete functions, high defect detection rate, and reasonable input and output. The price/performance ratio.

Due to the high foreign prices, the speed index and the factory's requirements are also different; there is no domestic production of such machines, the Shanghai Tobacco Industry Printing Factory, based on a large number of research, decided to develop on-line gravitational inspection machine based on their own Meet the growing production needs of the plant.

The use of printed matter detection technology in gravure printing products has become more and more mature, and the use of single-sheet print inspection technology is still at home in the country. Because the company has successfully developed and applied a detection machine inspection device on the automatic gravure printing machine, and achieved a certain effect, and gained experience, based on this, the Shanghai Tobacco Industry Printing Factory independently developed a sheet-fed printing product. The use of inspection machine inspection technology for defect analysis, removal of the set of unqualified products, and systematic analysis of defective products are feasible.

This technology has been rapidly developed abroad. World-renowned equipment manufacturers such as Heidelberg, Roland, KBA, Bobst and other companies are all committed to this research. It has been widely applied to online on-line printing, but Applications on leaflets are slow to develop. There are very few manufacturers that use inspection equipment to control the quality of printed products. Most of them are used in on-line printing. The selection of sheetfed print quality also mainly uses the original method of manual picking. This method is not only inefficient but also has a high rate of missed inspections, which greatly affects the control of product quality. According to the requirement of Shanghai Tobacco (Group) Company to be refined and stronger, the quality of Chinese brand products must be zero feedback, and the market share of high, refined, and sharp social products should be seized to produce high value-added printing and packaging products to improve the market competition of enterprises. force. Therefore, the research and development of sheet-fed printing machine equipment for printing sheet-fed printing has become an inevitable trend in the development of enterprise technology. It can greatly improve the automation rate and reliability of product quality control, so that the plant is at the leading domestic level in product quality management. This has tremendous and indirect direct and indirect economic benefits for the Shanghai Tobacco Industry Printing Company to open up the market and consolidate the market.

The inspection machine equipment for sheetfed printing developed by the Shanghai Tobacco Industry Printing Factory adopts the inspection machine equipment consisting of CCD digital sampling plus software mathematical analysis plus mechanical control technology. It is a good substitute for manual product quality inspection and picking. Helper, it overcomes the shortcomings of low efficiency and poor stability of manual product quality inspection. The machine sets the scope of product defects and picks out unqualified products to further improve the quality of the product.

The partner of the project, Hairun Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., is a company with comprehensive printing equipment manufacturing capabilities. It has also successfully cooperated with the Shanghai Tobacco Industry Printing Factory several times. At present, there are many equipments used in the production of sheet-fed offset machines. Taiwan is its production and manufacturing, the company's flat concave and convex with stable performance, reliable, simple and flexible operation, the use of security and so on. Therefore, the main body of the inspection product used in the project used the flat concave machine of Hairun Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., and on this basis, it was improved to adapt to the needs of the Shanghai Tobacco Industry Printing Factory's inspection equipment.

In the project, the camera equipment used for testing was P-CAP inspection machine equipment of Japan Eastern Machine Co., Ltd. The equipment of the company had been applied on the online gravure printing of Shanghai Tobacco Industry Printing Factory. The defect detection rate of this equipment was over 90%. The company's product quality control has played an active role. Its greatest advantage is its back-end storage and on-line search functions. It is conducive to the unified management of enterprise product quality and the statistical analysis and data sharing of product quality, and provides powerful product quality improvements. The basis.

At present, the Shanghai Tobacco Industry Printing Factory undertakes 70%-80% of cigarette packaging and printing tasks for Shanghai Cigarette Factory. At the same time, it also has a certain market share in the national tobacco trademark field, and its business is basically full. In order to further improve the technical level, it will expand new economic growth points. , The plant is gradually expanding to social printing and packaging. The role of inspection products: First, improve the quality of product inspection work; Second, saving labor hours of inspection products, improve work efficiency, increase economic efficiency. The research and development of the inspection machine for sheetfed printing has brought direct economic and indirect economic benefits to the company, and more emphasis has been placed on helping the employees of the company to reduce their labor intensity.

The factory's picking division picks 3,000 sheets of prints per person per class. Now the inspection machine can detect 6000 printed sheets per hour, and the daily working time per class is 7.5 hours. Each class can detect 45,000 sheets per day, which is equivalent to The productivity of 15 film workers. (Shanghai Tobacco Industry Printing Factory)

Source: Guangdong Printing

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