Langfang Successfully Developed a 24000 Bottle/Hour Weighing Aseptic Filling Unit

Recently, China's Langfang Packaging Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has bottled 36,000 bottles/hour of mineral water production line, which has been put into operation by Harbin Hongda Drinks Co., Ltd., which processes Coca-Cola Company.

Nowadays, as the concept of asepticism is increasingly deepened, Langfang Packaging Co., Ltd., the leader in the beverage machinery and equipment industry in China, has successfully developed a 24,000-bottle/hour weighing aseptic filling unit after a long period of research and practice. It is a new milestone in the history of the company's technology development and it is also in a leading position in China. The machine is divided into five parts: the bottle part, the sterilizer, the bottle rinsing machine, the filling and capping machine, and the bottle-out part.

Adopting newly developed FIT digital sensor weighing system and aseptic filling valve with independent intellectual property rights by HBM:

The filling metering system adopts the newly developed FIT digital sensor from Germany HBM Company, which is suitable for high-speed quantitative filling of beverages, fresh milk, edible oil, etc. The feature is the integration of sensors and control functions to realize the control of the entire filling process.

The entire filling process is divided into nine phases: 1 Preparation 2 Automatic peeling 3 Coarse flow 4 Fine flow 5 Remaining flow 6 Pre-stabilization 7 Measurement period 8 Optimization period (automatic correction function) 9 Filling end

The FIT sensor maintains high accuracy (including repeatability) and reliability at very high filling speeds and represents the international advanced level of quantitative filling technology. The advantages of FIT digital sensors compared to traditional flowmeters are:
1. High precision, error 2ml, flowmeter error ± 5ml.
2. Simple control, input a signal, complete the entire filling process control, the flowmeter additionally develops control hardware and software to control it.
3. The cost is low, and the spread is about 20%.
The filling valve adopts the filling valve with independent intellectual property rights independently researched by Langfang Packaging Equipment Manufacturing Corporation:
The valve is easy to use in combination with a FIT digital load cell and can be used with a small cylinder of Festo range to optimize the filling process. Its features are:
1. The structure is simple, easy to install, the universal shaft coupling is used for the connection of the adjusting bolt in the valve stem and the valve opening mechanism to ensure the open and close valves are fast and easy;
2. The valve seat is directly connected with the liquid storage cylinder body, and the olive-shaped seal of the valve stem rod and the valve seat filling port are all adapted to the law of fluid movement. When the material is filled, the flow rate is large, the flow velocity is stable, and no foaming occurs.
3. Empty bottles are rinsed with sterile water, and OA150 sterilizing liquid is used to sterilize and clean empty bottles.
4. The cap sterilization system consists of a cap lifter, a capper, and a bottle cap sterilizer. The OA150 sterilizing liquid, sterile water, and sterile air are used to sterilize and clean the caps.
5. Filling without backflow; 6. The container is not in contact with the filling valve, to avoid cross-contamination of the container mouth;
7. There is no dead corner in the valve stem and valve seat which are in contact with the material, such as no groove and movable sealant, so it is easy to clean.

Screw capping machine screw cap main shaft is equipped with electric heating sterilization structure, sterilization temperature is 90 °C, to avoid bacteria along the screw cap shaft into the hundred purification zone, to avoid contamination of the product. The screw capping mechanism adopts a magnetic clutch device, which can accurately adjust the capping torque and adapt to the different capping requirements of caps and caps to ensure the sealing quality.

Compared with the traditional filling machine, in and out of the bottle part, in order to maintain the cleanliness of the filling zone, the dial is used to import and export the mechanism. The air and conveyor belts do not enter the filling zone, avoiding contaminants from entering the conveyor with air and conveyor belts. Install interval.

The unit is also equipped with the following ancillary equipment 1. Sterilizing fluid preparation system, according to the product's process requirements for preparation, testing, supplement bactericidal liquid.

2.CIP self-cleaning system, according to process requirements, use the acid and alkali solution to clean and disinfect the material flowing through the pipeline.
3. Aseptic water preparation system, pure water is sterilized by high temperature, used for cleaning and sterilizing the inside and outside of the equipment and the bottle.
4. Aseptic compressed air preparation system, using POL filtration system, filtering compressed air, to meet the purification requirements.

5. COP bubble cleaning, mainly using the company's supply of Artop 66 to external cleaning and disinfection equipment. First rinse with 50°C sterile water, then use 4% Depo 6650°C foam from top to bottom, cover from low to high, keep for 20 minutes, and finally rinse with sterile water from top to bottom, high COP cleaning time The acid product is cleaned once in 72 hours, and the low acid product is cleaned in 24 hours.

6. The sterile material preparation system, including UHT, sterile storage tanks, and inlet tanks provide sterile material for the filling machine.

7. One-hundred purification air preparation system: Using the Gfil, GZF8 and H14 filters of the company Camfil, the air entering the filling room is filtered to achieve 100-degree purification. The wind pressure reaches 20Pa-10Pa. The filling and capping part is required to reach 20 Pa, the flushing part is up to 15 Pa, and the sterilization part and the in and out bottle part reach 10 Pa.

8. The control system adopts the industrial control machine to carry out automatic control of the entire production process. And through the screen to monitor the entire production process. The filled beverage enters the labeling machine (or labeling machine) through the bottle conveying line, and the wrapping packaging machine, stacking machine and other equipment complete the overall packaging into the market.

Source: Consumer Daily

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